My Children and this Pandemic

First of all, if you are one of my followers who constantly reads my blog, I would like to say, Thank you so much! As of now, I have 50 followers and around 1259 hits. Maybe some of you are curious on what is it like here in the Philippines, what a usual stay-at-home moms do, my everyday life… or maybe you are one of my close friends or relatives whom I advised about this blog. I hope you are enjoying reading what’s inside my mind and heart.

I did this blog to share my thoughts on everything that interest me.. This pandemic pushed me to write a lot as we are succumbed by this reality of being at home only. I have been waiting in vain for the chance of my husband to go home.. Faith is what makes me move and go on..

That’s the reason why, I would want my children to as much as possible have a balance day-to-day activities. It’s difficult though to find activities that would make them occupied and not feel the isolation caused by this pandemic.

As you may know, I am homeschooling my children and I grab the freedom of teaching them in a cozy place in our house.. it maybe in the patio, dining area, in their room or living room..

This is my eldest daughter reviewing for her Mathematics quiz. I told her if she wants to study in our patio area. It’s a different ambience.. hearing the birds singing while studying is nice. I sometimes asked my youngest to come here too for our alphabet lessons. She loved to study in this area too. Oftentimes, my youngest studies in her room. She likes to study with her toys. I just make sure she will not play while studying.

The Christian church in Singapore often invites us for Sunday School especially when Singapore government imposes strict rules for church goers for Covid protection. I always grab the opportunity of letting my children attend the online Sunday school.

Today, we visited their dentist for their annual cleaning/check-up. My eldest, aside from cleaning her teeth, had her baby tooth extracted. While my youngest had her teeth cleaned.

My eldest going inside the clinic..

This is my four-year-old kid who’s so fond of cleaning her teeth. She brushes her teeth so often at home.

There has been an announcement here in our town that children from 12 to 17 years old can register for vaccination. I feel relieved that the Philippines is somehow catching up with the fight against this virus. I am praying that this will end soon so that we could let our children enjoy outside and see the beauty of other things.

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