Start of Homeschooling

I had a very good sleep last night. For the longest time, I haven’t experienced sleeping at 10 in the evening, it was only last night. Usually when my kids are already sleeping, I get so excited to watch series or do anything that I want. Last night was different, I don’t have much energy to watch the new Korean series that I started.

Homeschooling started last Monday. I was so excited because I will be the one in charge of all the lessons of my children. We did not hire any tutor.

I didn’t know that I was tired because I was enjoying.. especially when I know that my children are learning.

I am waking up a little early to prepare my children’s breakfast. Before, it will only be bread or cereals but nowadays, I am cooking heavy breakfast for them. We, Filipinos, love to eat rice and so it is now part of my children’s breakfast.

In between our lessons, I usually do the chores at home.. Laundry, folding clothes, clean the house.. But I always stick to the schedule that I made for my children.

My 4 year old, learning how to write.
My 11 year old, taking notes of what we are discussing

I can feel that my children are happy that I am the one teaching them. They are very attentive and I can see the bond that we are having. If only I can do this until they finish their school..

I always wanted to teach or mentor someone, an experience that I had when I was still working. The thought that someone is learning from me is very rewarding.

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