Thinking, Praying Before Speaking

The sun is shining so brightly! Praise God! Weather is not hot but the sun is smiling at us. The week has ended with good weather, lot of things were accomplished.

Sunday is a laid back day. A lot of contemplation and devotion today.

If you know this app called Holy Bible, icon is brown and available in Apple Store and Google.

I have been reading verses in this app for years already, not sure if 6, 7 years or more.. The verse of the day is being forwarded to my family and husband. Been doing this consistently even if I don’t feel okay. This app is so good that there are lots of devotional plans, 5 day plans and stories. This is God’s gift to us. The devotions that I am reading often are so timely, as if God is really speaking to me.

Today I am reminded by God to think first before I speak. Though this has been my practice for a long time already, I am becoming careful on the things that I should say. I am known for being straight forward, but this time I do it properly. Properly means in a calm voice, in a manner when I know that the person could understand.

The devotional message that God wanted me to learn is for me to listen to God first before I speak. There is a difference between saying calmly and straight forward and listening to God first then say what He asked you to say. I think this is a very good reminder to me. Sometimes, I often think that I can say anything to anybody as long as it is calm but asking God for guidance first is different. It is not mandatory to answer everything in an instant, we could say that we need to reflect about it and speak when God has guided us already.

Anyways, I did some project also because the sun is smiling. I decided to make a cover of our washing machine. I really don’t have much experience on sewing, in fact I haven’t tried a sewing machine.. Haha. So I did it the old way, hand stitching.

Please say, “not bad for a first timer”.. Haha..

Our washing machine is located outside, though there is roof there but it can also be wet when there is typhoon.

Please don’t ask me why I suddenly popped the washing machine cover.. Haha.. I am just proud that I did that. I never thought I could have a chance to sew. Part of staying at home.

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