Top 5 Things to Prepare When There is Typhoon

It’s raining cats and dogs here in our place for almost two days now. I was not expecting the rainfall because last weekend was quite sunny. I decided to buy a retractable tent for our coffee table outside the house.

After I bought that, the next day, it rained hard. We were still able to eat our breakfast yesterday morning but after that rain started to fall. It was then that we learned that there is a typhoon now here in the Philippines.

This morning when the rain was not that strong, I decided to put fertilizer on our plants outside. I put some on the papaya trees and chili. I was not able to put on the bougainvillea and roses because heavy rain fell. We were stuck here at home now (well as usual) haha. But I myself is vigilant on what could happen next during typhoon.

I would like to share with you the top things I prepare here in the Philippines when there is typhoon.

  1. Foods

I usually buy groceries good for a week and fortunately I have enough stocks for us. I also have to be sure that the drinking water (purified) is sufficient for us for the whole week.

2. LPG

This is the liquified petroleum gas, the one that we use for cooking. I usually check if the stocks is still okay as there might be problems when we run out of LPG during this time.

3. Candles/Rechargable lamps

We have lots of candles here. I always see to it that it is within our reach especially when electricity supply is cut off.

4. Water

One of the important things to prepare is water. We have two big containers for water. Usually during these times, we fill it in because when there is no electricity, there is also no water.

5. Charge phones

As we are always anticipating brownout, that is why during these times, we always make sure that our phones are fully charged. In case of emergency, it is always easy to reach us or to reach others.

I still feel blessed to be situated in a place where we usually are not that affected by typhoons. Worst is no electricity and water. I think this is part of living in this world, to be experiencing typhoons and some natural disasters. What’s important is to be ready and to move on afterwards.

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