Post Covid-19 Vaccination

I had my vaccination for Covid-19 last Tuesday (June 15), it was a blessing because my parents are here since Monday and my father accompanied me to the center.

If you are from the Philippines, you can check out my previous blog about my actual vaccination experience.

After my vaccination (same day), I felt so energized. For some reasons, I know that there was a foreign thing that was injected on my body and I felt uneasy (maybe psychologically). However, I was so energetic that afternoon, I thought I would feel dizzy or ill but I still managed to buy groceries and cook for us.

The night after the vaccination, around 11 in the evening, I felt my body was chilling. I felt cold. I had fever, my body temperature is 37.5 deg C. Well, I am not trying to frighten you but this is usually what happens to me whenever I got my flu vaccine. But I had a good sleep that night. I was so excited to sleep because I know that I will be sleeping nicely because of the vaccine.

Yesterday, I was thrilled to see my brother again as he just came home from overseas. He is also an overseas filipino worker. The chills were gone in the morning, and I felt so hot inside. I don’t usually take a bath early but yesterday was different, the hotness in my body was making me uncomfortable. So when I took a bath, I felt okay already. Again, I cooked for all of us and did my project for the week.

I was also expecting the couch that we bought to be delivered yesterday. Those couches are to be placed in the second floor of our house. When it was delivered, the delivery guys were not able to put it upstairs because the stairs is narrow for the couch. We thought the only option was to use the windows on the second floor. So, I just asked accepted the couches and thought of a lot of possibilities on how we could put the couches upstairs.

The way to put the couches upstairs. The stairs width is narrow for the couches.

I am positive that it can get through those stairs. We had a lot of measurements. The only possible way was to remove all the feet of the couches. The risk of having some scratches on the stairs and on the ceiling was also considered. I accepted that already. There must be couch on the second floor! Haha.

The couches are so bulky and quite heavy. It is I, my brother, his wife and my father who helped each other. I totally forgot about the vaccine. Though I feel tired but I forgot about it.. My aim is for the couches to be upstairs.

We were so tired and careful not to have a lot of damages, there was also lighting feature on the ceiling that we had to consider. It was really a total adventure.

So after a lot of hardwork and perseverance, we were able to accomplish the goal.. Haha…

Big couches we carried

However, there were little scratches here and there.. which I already settled today. I put some putty on the scratches then painted it.

One of the scratches that I put the putty on

I have putty and paints here at home. I buy those because I know there will come a day that I will really do this kind of job at home.

I am planning now to paint the stairs because I really don’t like the colors that were used on that.

After that, I got hungry and ate the KFC chicken that my brother brought, we finished at around 10 in the evening.

For some reasons, the tiredness that I felt last night did not make me sleep. I really cannot sleep, any position, any breathing exercise.. nothing was effective.

I was not able to sleep well last night but I need to get up of the bed this morning because I needed to prepare the trashes as the garbage collectors’ schedule is every Thursday. I was supposed to do that yesterday but I was really busy.

Yeah, the rest of the day I put putty and paint on the scratches..

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