Patience is a virtue

” I will wait patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry” Psalm 40:1

It’s 11 in the evening now here in the Philippines, I need to patiently wait for my youngest to sleep so that I could share with you my thoughts and what my heart wants to say. I decided that for this week, I will be expressing my thoughts more about some of my experiences and my views about certain things.

Today, I would want to share about patience.. why does it matter to be patient?

Patience is a virtue

I heard this saying, “Patience is a virtue” when I was young but I don’t know what it means. I believe each one of us has this trait of being patient. We are created to be patient. However, due to some circumstances, when our patience are stretched or put to a test, we are losing it. It is in our being, but because some parents don’t have it, children tend to follow or think that being impatient most of the time is normal.

I was raised to be patient. Patient in waiting and thinking that we will never be stuck on a certain condition. Studying tested my patience, it was a good training for me. Little did I know, that I could use this training when I am old. I got lots of experiences when my patience was tested. I sometimes lose it, but for some reasons, I felt that God allowed it. We just need to start again and keep this virtue in our hearts.

Coping Anxiety

I believe that one of the reasons why a person is having anxieties is because of being impatient. Sometimes, we don’t know how to wait, we tend to focus on things that we cannot control. We cannot accept that it is uncontrollable.

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Anxiety occurs when we are overthinking of the future.. when we tend to focus on tomorrow. The tomorrow that we are not certain of. Instead of drowning on thinking about the future, we need to be patient and focus on the NOW.

Easy to say, right? Patience is of the essence. We will be there on that path. Be patient.

I remembered June of last year, it was so hard for me not seeing my husband for a long time. There was a time when I cannot even talk to him because I was always crying. It was very difficult. However, I needed to control my emotions because I wanted my kids to see hope in my eyes.. I wanted them to see that I have faith.. that this too shall pass.

From then on, I focus on the every day that God has been giving me. The blessings that we have, the good health, security, love, happiness and peace.

Being patient is seeing the positive side of things. That life moves forward. That’s the reason why we cannot stop the time. Instead of chasing it.. it should be enjoyed.

Fast forward today, I never thought that I could overcome the loneliness that I had last year. I chose not to be imprisoned of that loneliness. By the help of God, I was able to move forward and wait…

Sunday Rest day

“Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it He rested from all the work of creating that he had done” Genesis 2:3

I just watched an instagram video from Isabelle Daza, she is a Filipina movie actress, influencer, motivational speaker, model.. She was discussing about glamorization of being busy. She was mentioning on her video how she made herself so occupied that there is no room for any idle moment. She said that even when she was breastfeeding her son, she was still searching or doing something productive on her phone. She felt worthless when she is not doing anything.

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I can relate to her video.. It was just recently that I asked myself to stop.. not to pause.. but to stop. I was once a working mom and so I was never dependent financially to my husband. Plus, I was always occupied that time. The transition of staying at home and being dependent to my husband was difficult. I tried to help my husband by selling stuffs online, while doing loads of work at home and taking care of the kids. I needed to be productive because I don’t want to waste anything that my husband was giving me. I also felt that if I am not busy, I am lazy and worthless.

Until, I felt exhausted and stressed. Something that my husband does not want me to experience again. That is the main reason why we are here in the Philippines, for me to rest my mind, focus on our kids. That is the reason why, I decided to stop. I decided to accept that I am a mother, and my children need me now. I decided to accept that the amount of work at home is enough, that I am helping my husband enormously by being an effective homemaker. These I realized, when I rested.

Being idle and bored is something that we need to embrace. This is the time when God speaks to us and gives us wisdom on what we should do. This is the time, when happy thoughts come and great ideas transpire.

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Sunday Rest Day

So I decided… nope.. I followed what God taught us to do during Sundays, and that is to rest. I usually don’t cook or clean the house on Sundays. I just spend the day with my kids or family.

My children usually have Sunday Bible lessons, they make some activities. I nap a lot, watch movies, have long drives, do meditations… I do something different than what I do the whole week. It is so refreshing and my energy is just boosting. I don’t feel exhausted during the weekdays.

It is during Sundays that I listen to God of what He wants to tell me. It is when I realized a lot of things, things that I should be grateful for.

A lot of our Sunday routines or traditions have changed because of this pandemic. Reason why, we sometimes cannot differentiate the days already. Or we don’t even know that it is already Sunday.

Being a Christian, we still need to stick to what is in the Bible, and that is to rest and be holy. With that we can know the difference of Sunday to any other day of the week.

online school or homeschool for pre-school

How was your day? It’s a Saturday and today I scheduled few things to do at home. My kids would want to go to their grandma’s house to ride bicycle. I brought their bicycles there as we just moved in here in our new house, plus the road there is much bigger.

Yesterday was a busy day for me, first because of the major cleaning that I did in our house. As I have two cats, furs are everywhere and extensive vacuuming is a must. Second is because my mind is busy contemplating about my youngest daughter’s schooling. She is just 4 years old but here in the Philippines kids tend to start young in their studies. I was thinking if I will homeschool her or continue in online learning.

August last year, I was excited to teach my youngest about ABCs, counting, color recognitions, etc. However, as she is very comfortable with me, she was saying that she is always tired. She was not really into it because of boredom. And she could just tell me that she really didn’t like to study.

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So, I ended up looking for a learning center online for kids of her age. It was good that I saw this online learning center and I got really excited about it. My daughter was so happy too knowing that she will in “school”. She was so thrilled to see fellow kids learning with her.

During one of her activities in school

It was a good start actually to her. However, as the lessons progress, she was not able to cope up with the pace. I am not sure what was the objective of the teacher, was it to finish the curriculum or for the children to learn truthfully. I mentioned truthfully because, there are a lot of instances when I coached my daughter during discussions. The teacher would not continue if my daughter will not answer.

So the lessons was progressing but my daughter’s learning is stuck. On the latter part of the lessons, she was just enjoying the activities, singing, dancing, however when it comes to the lesson itself, she was not paying attention anymore. Plus, I just saw the lessons on next week, and it is really mind boggling and so unexplainable why it has to be taught to a 4-year-old. The lessons are addition and subtraction.


Good thing about this learning center, I could withdraw from it.. I had some white lies why, but I still told them that it was very difficult to be do online schooling for pre-schoolers. I did have some comments about the pace. I mean, I commend the teacher for being patient but it is really difficult.

And due to these predicaments, I am thinking of teaching again my youngest daughter. Now, I know the sequence of how she will be attentive. I will see to it that she will genuinely learn. I will be starting this on July. I will let my daughter enjoy her little vacation first.

I know I will be homeschooling two kids on the next school year. This is another challenge for me. I need to do a lot research how some mothers do it.

Music therapy

Loads of work, being exhausted, missing husband, homeschooling, and a lot more sometimes make me burnt out. I remembered before somebody asked me, how I was managing my kids, homeschooling, home making and online business. It was actually a tough question because I really cannot manage it.

I have plans today of buying groceries, however, I started to assemble the tables that we bought for our room. I assembled three tables. Aside from that, my youngest had online school, I cooked, washed the dishes, watered the plants, attended to my youngest’s needs and a lot more. All of these, I was doing with the music on, well except when my youngest was attending the online school.

I got fascinated with the the new song of BTS, a South Korean boy band that started last 2010. The new song is Butter and it is an upbeat song. Just like their song Dynamite, the choreography of Butter is really good, as in over the top. The song Butter, has a little taste of Bruno Mars and the beat somehow has a similarity to the song of Queen, (Another One Bites the Dust). It’s inspiring to hear and I forget my tiredness. I just keep on going.

If you want to hear and see the music video of Butter, you may want to check out this youtube video that I saw.

Butter Official Music Video

Currently has over 232 million views. Wow!!!

I just love to hear good music whenever I am working. Even, when I was working in the office, I usually have an earphone and listen to music. My mind and body function well whenever I got music as background.

I also love to hear Christian songs also as an inspiration. My husband avail the premium of spotify for us to enjoy the playlist without any ads.

How about you? What music are you listening lately?

stay at home mom self care

I was working full time until 2019 and my time with children was very limited. I have a full time nanny who took care of my children when I was at work. I used to check on my children through the CCTV camera and I saw the nanny was watching series from 1 to 5 in the afternoon. So I had this perception that staying at home with my children would be an easy breezy job.

Not until my husband and I decided for me to stop working and stay at home with my children here in the Philippines. It was so exciting at first, for the longest time I would be waking up in the morning without an alarm. However, it did not last long because my daughter needed to go to school. Then the reality just shocked me.

Being a person who needs output, I would always want to have something to accomplish in a day. I felt the need of always cleaning the house, cooking delicious meals, being hands on with my children, doing more and more stuffs at home… However, I did not know that there are still a lot of things to do.. That the whole day is not enough to accomplish all the things that I wanted to do. I felt exhausted.

I needed to pause and think of how to take care of myself mentally because stress is my ultimate enemy.

Let’s accept that the work at home is never ending. This goes to stay at home mom like me, who always think of finishing all the tasks at home.

Self-care is very important. We could not function well if we don’t feel good about ourselves. We would not be the caring mom that we wanted for our children, if we neglect taking care of ourselves.

Let me share with you the things that I do everyday to make me feel good about myself.

  • Having a morning routine – I see to it that I wake up earlier than my kids. While they are sleeping, I do my morning routine.. Wash my face and brush teeth. Watering the plants (even talking to them). Drinking coffee while eating a delicious sandwich. Then read the Bible and saying a little prayer for the day. This starts my day right. My kids would see that my mornings are good, and so they will have a good morning too.
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  • Playing my favorite playlist in spotify – While cleaning the house, cooking meals or washing the dishes, I always listen to my favorite playlists in spotify. My kids even know the songs that I usually listen. This boosts my mood during the day.
  • Bathing well – I spend 15 minutes in the bathroom ensuring that I am bathing well using my favorite products.
  • Napping – My kids don’t like to nap. And so, when they knew that I will be napping, they will just get out of the room.. because they know that I will ask them to nap with me. Haha.. I usually have a power nap at 2 in the afternoon. After that, I can have some time with my kids already not being cranky. Haha.
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  • Blogging – I love writing and expressing myself and so I consider this as a self care. Being able to do what I love and sharing thoughts with people.
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I thought I would not have time on taking care of myself but I think because we are our own boss at home, we could just have a time out once in a while. We need to discipline our kids also, telling them that we can get tired too. They could help us. They are willing.

By the way, this is my second of blogging and I reached 500 views today. I am so happy reaching out with others. I also got 14 followers as of the moment. Thank you for following. I hope I am entertaining you with my posts.

advantages of homeschooling this 2021

When we came back here in the Philippines on 2019, I was excited about the notion of my children going to school here in the Philippines. The experience of riding the school bus, having packed lunch and eating with their friends, group studying and a lot fun things to do with their friends. It was very exciting feeling.

However, reality bites, it was hard. During that time, I needed to wake up at 3:30 in the morning to prepare breakfast and pack lunch for my eldest daughter. My eldest needed to wake up at 4:30 in the morning because her school bus arrives at 5:30. It was that early because the traffic to her school is very heavy during rush hours. Imagine the adjustment.

My daughter was also shocked with the reality of having classmates that bullies one another. It was really different from what she experienced in Singapore. There was some moments when she was asking me if it is okay to move back to Singapore.

Year 2020, when we had the lockdown here in the Philippines, I saw the advantage of homeschooling. Though, that time, she was still in her regular class but done online. It was just like homeschool because I was the one who mostly discussed to her the lessons.

So this school year of 2020 to 2021, I took the chance of homeschooling my daughter. I got excited and so enthusiast to share my knowledge to my kid. It was adjustment too, but I would discuss this in my other blog.

Anyway, the school year is about to end and I am still planning for my daughter to still be in homeschool on the next school year.

Here are the advantages of homeschooling this year 2021.

  • Cheaper – The price difference from her regular school is 78% lower. We don’t have to pay for the school bus either (Well, it is pandemic, so school bus is really not an option.. haha)
  • Hands on Learning – As my daughter’s teacher, I somehow know my daughter and her capacity to learn. And so, I do the lesson plans strategically for her to learn it properly. If she will have questions, she could just ask me right away and we could discuss it.
  • Proper Monitoring – Relating to hands on learning, I can monitor my daughter’s progress properly. I know what subject she is excelling and what are her weaknesses. What are the subjects that we should focus more.
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  • Stronger relationship – I can feel that studying is a good bonding time with my daughters. However, I am still instilling that I am the teacher during that time and I am not going to tolerate laziness or tantrums while studying. During the lessons, I do give the wisdom that I learnt from studying and experiences in life. Why education is very important in their lives. It is fun to be mentoring your own child and seeing how she is living with what you taught.
  • Efficient Learning – As the lessons depend on the phasing of the student, sometimes, it becomes faster. I asked the homeschool coordinator why the lesson plans were a lot, but we finished it earlier. The coordinator said that the lesson plans are based on the regular school and sometimes, it is becoming slow because of the other students who needed to learn more about the subject. As it is only me and my daughter, we have ample time to discuss what are the lessons that she didn’t understand.
  • Child becomes more independent – The situation in the Philippines’ education is different now, especially for the ones who are in regular school (but online). As it is hard to cope with the phasing of the lessons, some students tend to be dependent on their parents or their other classmates. This is somehow the same during normal school.
  • Good mental health – As the children are learning based on their own phase, they are not pressured or stressed. They focus more on their interests and have a proper guidance to the subjects they are slightly interested. They could just rest and have a break when they don’t feel like studying on that time.

It is a little bit challenging for me, however, I would want to embrace the advantages and see if I could do this to my youngest or continue homeschooling my eldest until highschool.

mirror collage in 7 easy steps

My project last week is a mirror collage. I got the idea on a facebook group that I joined called Home Buddies. Most of the members here are Filipinos who are enthusiasts of home improvement. Since, we just moved in here in our new house, I got really interested on the ideas that are shared in that group.

One of the projects that I got from that group is the mirror collage. I really loved that idea because the mirrors that they used are so cheap and the installation is quite simple but tricky.

The photo is a little blurred, but this is the area where I wanted to put the mirror collage.

There is this buy 1 take 1 mirrors in a furniture store that is only 380 pesos (more or less $8) only. So I bought 6 pcs to put on that wall.

It now turned into this.

So today, I will be guiding you on how I installed these mirrors. Looks simple though but it is somehow tricky.

So here are the things that you need for the installation.

  • A meter tape
  • A level bar
  • A pencil
  • Construction Adhesive and Cartridge Gun
This is the construction adhesive that I used.
  • An electric fan

How to do it?

  1. Measure the width of the wall. Then, divide it to two and put a mark in the middle. In my case, the measurement is 100cm, and so the mark is on the 50cm.
  2. Measure the width of the mirror. Then, draw a line from the middle of the wall, with the width of the mirror. In my case, the width of the mirror is 33cm and so I draw a line 33cm from center to left and 33cm from center to right.
  3. Use a level bar to make sure that the lines are straight. To know that it is straight the level bar bubble should be in the middle (just like the photo below).
Sample of the a table that is on level.

4. Check if there are hooks at the back of the mirror. Remove if there is any.

5. Apply the construction adhesive using the cartridge gun at the back of the mirror. Be sure not to put a lot on the sides but put more on the middle part. Reason why you should not put more on the side is because it might overflow when you stick the mirror on the wall.

6. Place the first mirror on the middle part of the line. Before doing that be sure to turn on the electric fan, facing the back of the mirror you are about to install. You should hold still the mirror, maybe around 5 minutes to ensure that it is already stuck on the wall.

7. Do method no. 6 on the rest of the mirrors.

I used electric fan because I did this alone. You could also use blower if you have someone to help you hold the mirror.

If you are in the Philippines, you could check these mirrors in SM department store and All Homes. Enjoy!

lazy sunday

Woke up a little early today, the house is quiet, my children are still sleeping, but I can’t go back to sleep. I’m a little bit under the weather. It’s been a long time that I haven’t seen my husband. Having our breakfast together, joking around in the morning, taking advantage of the moment when our kids are still sleeping.

It’s Sunday and I prefer not be doing a lot of things during this day. However, there are things that moms should still do everyday.

It’s my cat’s (Blue) schedule of vaccination today. I asked my kids to come with me to the veterinarian, so we went there around 9:30 in the morning. However, the vet did not tell us that she changed her clinic’s address. And so, I just asked the vet if she could do homeservice instead for Blue because he might be a little cranky. Blue is really not used to ride the car, he is so scared realizing that the car is moving while he is just sitting down.

Scared Blue

When we got home, I just bought lunch for our kids, for lesser work. Haha.. I let my kids rest also today, though my eldest needs to study as her term test will be this week.

I bought a hammock online, so that the kids could relax there while cuddling the cats.

My eldest while cuddling Pink, who just took a bath.

I took a nap in the afternoon after cleaning a bit at home. Then, the vet arrived. Finally, even without replying on my messages.

Blue was a little anxious when he saw new people in the house, so he was behaved when he was vaccinated.

Not so happy Blue

I think it’s quite normal to be feeling down sometimes. I pray to God when will this end, when can I see my husband again. He just whispered to me saying, just wait. Count your blessings, be grateful and wait patiently. Okay Lord, that is the best thing to do now.

Instead of whining of the things that I cannot control, I perhaps need to focus on things that I should do and should be enjoying. So the feelings just turned 180 degrees, I blamed it on mid-life crisis, hormones and lack of travel.

I will wait patiently then…

My father’s birthday

Since I started blogging, I always want to write something everyday because writing is really what I love to do. However, because of my dear father’s birthday, I need to postpone my writing yesterday. It was a simple celebration of us, his children and grand children.

My father cooked his favorite dish, (you might be surprised) it is chicken feet with coconut milk. Sounds not delicious huh, but I tell you, it is superb. He puts a lot of spices like garlic, ginger and chili. He cooked it for 2 hours. Then I cooked air fried pork, I marinated those with salt, pepper and lots of garlic. We had cake and pizza too on dinner.

I need to pause from writing yesterday because my father’s birthday is just once a year and it needs to be celebrated.

My father did not leave me, especially when I needed him most. As I have mentioned on my previous posts, I went back to Philippines because of work, I had panic attacks. When I came back here in the Philippines, my father is the first person who understood me completely. I knew it because he experienced working so hard and he just knew what I felt that time. But he is always like that, he always finds a way to understand his children, in a different perspective. People might have different opinion about us, but he will understand us.

Few months after I arrived here in the Philippines, I just found out that I was betrayed by someone who is very very close to me. The heartache is excruciating, I don’t know what to do and why it happened. I got scared to trust people. My father never left me. He protected me. He knew I was vulnerable that time, that I would give in to the person who betrayed me, but he just protected me. I am so thankful for his care and love for us, his children.

Everything is doing well with our family now. By God’s grace, we are fine and our health is okay. I am thankful that God gave us a father who is always there for us. He who gives time for us, when we needed him. I mean, my father has his weaknesses, but we all do have these.

So last night after dinner, we had few shots of beer and some chips while singing our hearts out. My father loves it when he sees his children enjoying. It was fun to be spending time with family once in a while.

Blowing his cake

things that stay-at-home moms do everyday

Aside from homeschooling and my every week project at home, there are things that every stay-at-home moms do everyday. I am speaking about the majority of the moms. I never thought that being a mom is a never ending job, 24/7 of alertness and tasks. Some of people who are working are having this perspective that stay at home moms are not busy and they have all the time in the world.

I think this is true when kids go to normal school, I mean not online schooling. At least moms can manage their time well. But nowadays, it is not the same and different approach is needed.

Here are some of the things that stay at home moms do everyday.

  • Preparing food – During normal school, we usually prepare food for breakfast then when kids are at school, we don’t prepare the food for lunch, we just eat the breakfast food. Though I must admit, this is my favorite task at home.
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  • Washing dishes – My husband usually do the washing of dishes, but since he is overseas, I need to do it after meal. I usually do this with radio on. Surprisingly, I also consider this as a “me” time.
Photo by cottonbro on
  • Bathing my toddler – Since my youngest is still young, I am still in charge on her hygiene. I bath her twice a day because it is really hot here in the Philippines and they are already use to this routine.
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  • Watering the plants – I do water the plants twice a day. I think plants need more water nowadays because of the weather. At night, I could see how dry the soil is and how my plants desperately need water.
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  • Cleaning the house – I feel like it is less stressful when the house is in order. I do sweep the floor everyday. Mopping it every other two days. Making the bed is my daughters’ task. I believe this is a way of disciplining my kids. My youngest cannot sleep when her toys are messy. So she really cleans up before sleeping.
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  • Tucking kids to sleep – There are two reasons why I am doing this. First, it is way of being closer to them. This is one of our routines that I think they will remember when they grow old. Children don’t remember much when they are already old, but the routines and traditions are the ones that they usually remember. The second reason is, when they are asleep, I can do whatever I want to do. Haha..

Weekly tasks and weekly projects are not included here. I usually have a project in a week because I feel fulfilled accomplishing something unique aside from the daily house works that I do.

I will be sharing to you some of the projects that I did in my next blogs. See you!