A Day in a Life of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Today, is the second day after I had booster shot against Covid-19. I am feeling a little odd however as a mom, I still feel the need to do my tasks at home. Let me share with you what I usually do at home.. Actually, it differs from time to time especially when I see some urgent things to do.

8:00 AM – Time I wake up. Yes, we are late risers. My youngest daughter sleeps with me and so I opted to stay a little longer on bed because she easily wakes up whenever I left her. From this, I checked if the cats have foods, usually my mom would feed them. I take out the cats poops too.

8:15 AM – My kids will wake up. I am just preparing cereals for them. We have some time on the table talking about their sleep and if they have have some dreams… what they need to do during the day.

9:00 AM – I bathe my youngest daughter. She is still 5 and I still want to bathe her. This is one of our bonding moments.

She is the one preparing for the things she needed after bathing. She also knew when she needs to bathe.

After bathing, I usually check her ears and nails. Today, I need to cut her nails too.

I am checking on my eldest daughter also as she needs to have lessons at 10 in the morning. I am instructing her of the activities she needs to do for Science. If she has some questions, she will come to me for discussion.

10:30 AM – Time to cook lunch. I prepared the chicken for cordon bleu recipe. Oh, I also went out to buy butter and bread crumbs because I run out of stocks.

I made cheese gravy too for the cordon bleu. I always wanted my children to have delicious meals everyday. I believe, we can also save a lot by cooking our own foods.

I used the air fryer to fry the chicken. I always choose to use air fryer because I believe this is healthier.

While I was doing the cooking, I was also teaching my youngest daughter on how to write number five. She was able to write it nicely.

12:00 PM – Time to eat lunch. My children loves the cordon bleu with cheese gravy matched with rice. Oh how I love when my children eats well.

1:00 PM – This is the break time for me. Today, I feel tired because of the vaccine effect and so I really slept.

2:00 PM – I instructed my daughter of the activities she will do for her next subject. She had some questions to answer based on the past lesson.

2:30 PM – I started to do some chores at home.

I stitched my youngest daughter’s stuffed toy. She has been complaining about it for the past two days already.

I cleaned the fans too because of the furs of cats. I always see to it that the fans are clean and fur-free.

I was busy last Monday and Tuesday and so I felt that I did not clean the house well reason why I vacuumed thoroughly. I always wanted our house to be clean and cozy.

4:00 PM – It’s time for my daughter’s Math lessons. I need to guide her on Math and so I really need to sit with her for the lessons.

During her activities, I fixed her study table as the shelves were broken already.

5:00 PM – Rest time. I ate the chocolate cake that I bought yesterday. I am a bit tired and sleepy and so I had coffee.

My husband suggested for me to buy foods for dinner. I checked if there are available foods for delivery that my kids would love. When I saw one, I immediately ordered.

I was excited too because I would want to follow my dreams of learning how to sew. I will share to you this journey in one of my blogs. I bought a small portable sewing machine. The fabrics were delivered today. I thought I could start the sewing already but the threads are still not here.

5:45 PM – My brother is here today and he was going for a walk. He asked me if I wanted to join. I joined his walking exercise. We walked for about an hour, 5 kilometers.

6:30 PM – When I arrived from walking my husband told me that exercising is not allowed after the booster shot. He said, I should be mindful of what my body feels.

We ate dinner already.

7:30 PM – I prepared the lessons of my eldest daughter for tomorrow. During this time, I was also playing with my youngest daughter. We kept singing.

9:00 PM – I am now making this blog.

9:30 PM – Time for my daughter to sleep.

10:00 PM – It’s time for me to watch movies or documentaries.

11:30 PM – Time to sleep

How about you? Would you mind sharing your schedule too? Please share in the comment section, I would love to read those.

Exploring Creativity

Hello everyone! How are you all? Life of a stay-at-home-mom is really unpredictable. There are lots of errands here and there and lots of projects coming inside my head. I have been missing reading blogs and updating you guys with what is happening in my life. So, last Saturday was my husband’s birthday and he is not here with us.. I have been keeping my mind busy with the house chores and projects here at home. There are things that I wanted to explore as basically, I am still new in exploring the wonders of being a stay-at-home mom.

I am currently venturing in arts, one of my frustrations because I really wanted to paint. I was really intimidated when it comes to painting because I thought it was really hard. Upon seeing a beautiful painting, I instantly mesmerized and at the same overwhelmed with “maybe” a lot of works of that art.

Though, I was intimidated, I decided to try it. For the longest time, finally I got my paint brush, paints and pads. I bought these last year but I just asked my daughters to use it (except for the paints, I bought them their own).

I really wanted to put some decors at home with our own paintings. Since we already have nice cabinets here in our rooms, I decided to pursue painting.

This is the first painting that I did.. I had painting sessions with my daughters. I know they will also follow whenever I will paint. My eldest daughter taught me on how to do some strokes. Though she is more on coloring, she knew also how to do shadowing and color combinations. When we were in Singapore, she went to an art class.

This is the second painting that I did. My youngest daughter was with me when I was painting this. She was also painting flowers. L is the initial of my eldest child and I wanted to frame this and put in her room. I also did a little make over of her room because I wanted her to feel happy whenever she is in her room.

The third painting that I did was for our room. The theme of our room is blue. I wanted it to be blue because we are all girls in the house except for my husband. And so our room could be a color for him.

This is the picture after I painted it.. Again, I just want to give a disclaimer that I am new to this.. Haha.. I hope I will improve soon.

I framed it also and put it on our cabinet. Curtains, pillows and bedsheet of our room is blue and so the painting really matches everything inside.

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity of exploring into arts. I would not have time to do this if I am still working. I was doing these painting with my daughters. They are always excited when we sit down to paint or do something together.

100 Reasons Why I Love my Husband

Today is my husband’s birthday and I would like to honor him by sharing with you the ultimate reasons why I love him.. I cannot count the reasons why but I will just share with you a hundred of them. I am ultimately blessed to have him in my life. He is God’s gift to us.

Here are the top 100 reasons why he is dear to me..

  1. He has fear of the Lord.
  2. He honors his parents.
  3. He loves his sibling.
  4. He is a hands-on father.
  5. He is handsome.
  6. He has a beautiful smile.
  7. He is tall.
  8. He is dark.
  9. He cleans the house.
  10. He washes the clothes.
  11. He folds the clothes.
  12. He arranges things.
  13. He is straightforward.
  14. He talks less.
  15. He is not dramatic.
  16. He has dreams.
  17. He listens.
  18. He reads.
  19. He makes me laugh.
  20. He is computer savvy.
  21. He is faithful.
  22. He loves sports.
  23. He plays with his children.
  24. He adores our children.
  25. He is honest.
  26. He buys what we need, even if we haven’t told him.
  27. He knows how to measure.
  28. He can do plumbing.
  29. He loves Mathematics.
  30. He is diligent.
  31. He laughs at my jokes.
  32. He is used to my weirdness.
  33. He allows me to dance.
  34. He is okay to anything I wear.
  35. He loves everything that I cook.
  36. He farts anywhere in the house.
  37. He makes the bed every morning.
  38. He gives me tea.
  39. He drinks wine with me.
  40. He loves to travel.
  41. He loves beach.
  42. He loves Japanese foods.
  43. He loves vegetables.
  44. He is not choosy with foods.
  45. He seeks my advice.
  46. He says “good morning” to me everyday.
  47. He says “good night” every night. Even if we are together.
  48. He mops the floor.
  49. He waters the plants.
  50. He rans for errands.
  51. He don’t want me to be sad.
  52. He hugs me always.
  53. He often talks to his children.
  54. He hates dust.
  55. He cleans the fridge.
  56. He wants me to buy things for me (even if I really don’t).
  57. We are in sync. I know what he is thinking.
  58. He doesn’t like fake people.
  59. He is true to others.
  60. He fights for us.
  61. He takes care of his health.
  62. He reminds me to take care of my health.
  63. He is hardworking.
  64. He is smart.
  65. He knows how to mingle with others.
  66. He chooses his friends.
  67. He is always on time.
  68. He knows how to manage his time.
  69. He knows how to handle finances.
  70. He trusts me with his finances.
  71. He hates talking about problems and not finding solutions about it.
  72. He loves to count blessings.
  73. He is optimistic.
  74. He calms me when I am angry.
  75. He always give me advice.
  76. He thinks before he speak.
  77. He is an introvert, but loves to travel only with his family.
  78. He doesn’t have any vice.
  79. He baths so quickly.
  80. He is low maintenance.
  81. He is very simple.
  82. He is not boastful.
  83. He is forgiving.
  84. He knows how to give.
  85. He doesn’t use facebook all the time.
  86. He is decisive.
  87. He controls his anger.
  88. He sleeps with his children.
  89. He loves to sing.
  90. He loves to watch movies.
  91. He loves to tease.
  92. He doesn’t use phone that much when we are together.
  93. He packs his own clothes.
  94. He gives me time to rest.
  95. He goes shopping with me.
  96. We buy groceries together.
  97. We like the same kinds of foods.
  98. He don’t like dramatic people.
  99. He doesn’t want me to worry.
  100. He prays a lot.

Oh while I was doing this.. I could even write more.

I am praying that God would give him more years to live. He deserve all the happiness in the world. I hope that I am making him happy. I will always be thankful for his life.

This is the picture of us together last Christmas. Praying that this pandemic will end so that we could spend more time during special occasions.

IKEA Furnitures Arrived

Since we moved here in our new house, we haven’t had good wardrobes and cabinets. My husband and I were contemplating if we are to have built-in cabinets or movable ones. Since IKEA Philippines is already opened, and we knew how durable the furniture there, we then decided not to pursue on the built-in cabinets.

I was really anticipating the day when the furniture arrives. Firstly, because I am excited, especially that I already visualized what arrangement I would do for our room and my daughter’s room. Secondly, is because my brother is here at home and I could ask him to assist me in assembling the furniture.

When there was no IKEA Philippines yet, my husband sent some tables from IKEA Singapore. It was very hard for me to assemble. The assembly instructions are really not complicated, but the heaviness of the wood made it extremely hard for me.

This time, we bought two wardrobes and two cabinets. I know it will be hard for me to assemble reason why I asked my brother to come over to help me. I told my husband before that if we are to buy furniture from IKEA, he should be here in the Philippines, else, I really could not assemble it.

In the afternoon of January 22 when we received the furniture, my brother immediately started the assembly. He managed to do it quite fast. The instructions of IKEA’s furniture assembly is really easy to follow. They have booklets to follow the procedure.

While my brother was assembling the furniture, I was already preparing the clothes and the room where we would place those.

This is the room while I was still arranging. I changed a bit of the arrangement. I wanted to have more room for my crafts and activities for my daughter’s homeschooling.

The next day, my brother started the furniture for my daughter’s room. Here, I am quite excited because I really wanted my daughter to feel comfy in her room. We bought her a full size mirror. There’s a lot of shopping needed for my daughter as her old clothes don’t fit her anymore.

My daughter’s room

We always teach our daughters about cleanliness and orderliness. I know through our example, our children will also value these traits.

I am still thinking of some decors to put in my daughter’s room. We would want our daughters to, as much as possible, feel very comfortable in their room.

How to Start the New Year Right

It’s practically the 4th week after New Year and I could say that for the longest time, I started the New Year on the way I planned it to be.. Sometimes, New Year’s are predictable, especially when I was still working in Singapore. It would be the same face, same situations, same scenarios.. However, due to this pandemic and the realities that I have to face staying at home, this new year is somehow different.

How was I able to say that I started my new year right? Let me share to you what I have done so far..


I used to write a “To Do List”, my husband always reminds me of this, though this has been my practice since I was studying in the university.

Since I have a lot of tasks here at home, some errands that I need to do within the year/month are needed to be listed.


Most of the plans that I listed are basically what my husband and I agreed upon. There are some that need to be postponed due to some reasons (i.e. budget constraint or time). It is very important for couples to have the same goals, to have their minds in sync for the future. Should there will be conflicts between them, the goals that they planned should be their motivations to move forward.


What is the use of proper planning if there will be no execution? Execution must also be planned, how we could achieve such goals.

Let me share with you one of my goals this year.. When my husband went back to Singapore for work, I was a little frustrated because I gained a lot of weight and for the first time in my life, my weight became 70 kilos. This is way too high for me. I was very alarmed.

Since then, I ate less carbohydrates and had a very strict diet. To date, for almost 2 weeks, I already lost 3 kilos. My exercise is more of cleaning of the entire house. Sometimes, I walk in our village. I do stretching every morning too.

Execution should not be all at the same time.. Since I already have the list of the things that I need to do. I prioritize those. What needs to be done first.


Part of the execution is for all things in the house to be organized. I am so blessed that my husband was here with me during the start of the year. We bought racks and boxes so that things here at home will be organized. It’s better to move and execute plans when everything is in order.

I organized all the documents too. Be it my daughter’s school activities or our medical records.


It’s good when planned goals are materialized. I remembered before when the brother of my grandmother approached me. Things were going smooth with me that time, and he told me.. “you seemed so lucky in everything you do”. I just answered him saying, “Tatay (grandfather), a person is lucky when she knows how to plan”.

There a saying that, “The mercy is from God, but the hard work are from men” (Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa). If we just keep on praying but is not doing anything about what we are praying for, chances are it would not be granted.

God bless on your 2022! We are just starting.. Let’s thank God for this brand new beginning!

What to expect in IKEA Philippines?

We moved last February 2021 here in our new house and we kept on contemplating if we will have built-in cabinets or the usual cabinets that can be moved. I am really not into the built-in cabinets because I wanted to move furniture once in a while. We’ve been searching online, going to various furniture shops just to find an affordable and quality cabinets and wardrobes.

Until the news of IKEA’s opening spread around the Philippines through vlogs and social medias. I was extremely excited, knowing that IKEA is known to have affordable and good quality furniture.

As many of you know we lived in Singapore for almost 8 years and I am very familiar with IKEA. Singapore has two IKEA stores and we really love to shop there. Maybe it comes with age but we are really fascinated with the show rooms, furniture designs and prices. While we were shopping we were leaving our children in the play area inside IKEA.

Since my husband is already in Singapore, I went in IKEA Philippines alone to buy the wardrobes and cabinets. It is quite far from our house, around 37 km. I really didn’t mind driving that far as long as we could save money with the furniture that we will buy.

It can be located so easily. It’s just beside the Mall of Asia. The parking is really huge and I could say very affordable.

I arrived there around 1 in the afternoon and I was so hungry. Surprisingly the queue in the restaurant is quite long. There are tables and chairs though. The security guard was really controlling the people going inside.

I am in a diet now and I was supposed to not eat rice but I felt I needed to skip the diet because of my favorite fried chicken wings.

The restaurant is located at the 4th floor and beside it are already the show rooms. It is said that IKEA Philippines is the biggest IKEA in the whole world. Since I was able to go to other IKEA stores in Singapore, I could really say that IKEA Philippines is enormous. I spent almost 1 1/2 hours wandering and mesmerizing the show rooms. It was really inspiring to see various room decors. A lot many than of other IKEA stores. You would see room decors of living rooms, patios, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, etc.. It’s really fascinating.

I took photos of the tags of the furniture that I wanted to buy. The tag looks like this..

These tags have the information you needed for the furniture. It has the measurements, instructions, location in the storage area where you could pick the furniture if you want to bring it home and not avail the delivery. Note the rack and section numbers to locate it.

I was constantly communicating with my husband about the wardrobes and cabinets that I was planning to buy. I had a lot of options and before we decided to buy we finalized first what we really wanted.

So, I went to the market hall in the 3rd floor and here you would see a lot of choices for house needs and decors. These are for the entire house.. You may want to visit this blog (SNEAK PEEK: Inside IKEA’s First Store in the Philippines) and see what’s inside the market hall. Oh my! You would really plan to be there when you see what’s inside.

I spent more than 3 hours there and finally I was able to order for the wardrobes and asked for delivery at home. Some of those that we chose, were out of stock and so I needed to change some of the previously agreed items. The delivery was not really expensive, considering how far our place is and the traffic going there.

Since I saw some of the items in IKEA in person, I could buy some that we needed through online. The virus is still very active here and we still need to be careful.

Covid Situation in the Philippines

Today is January 13, 2022 here in the Philippines. While my eldest daughter is having homeschool, there are lots of schools who are having an “academic break” due to the surge of Covid cases. Many teachers asked for support from the government and their respective schools for this break. Students are asked to have a “mental break” because it is really exhausting to be staying at home for almost two years.

Source: GMA 7 Facebook Page & Department of Health

Last December, the cases went down to 200+ a day. We were so happy about this, reason why my friends and I grabbed the opportunity to have a reunion. Little did we know that there is this new variant, called Omicron that rapidly spreading around the world.

For the last two days, we are experiencing the highest Covid cases here in the Philippines. These are happening inspite of the number of vaccinated people. Now, it is hard to entertain the thought of my children being vaccinated and could go to school. I need to live one day at a time. The future is becoming blur, but hopeful that it would be better.

This morning, I got up so early to go to our municipality to pay property tax. I really don’t want to queue that’s why I went there so early.

When I got there, I was so surprised because parking is still okay. There is no queue outside.. no early birds like me. I saw a sign there that the trial court is closed today. I asked one of the cleaners, and he told me that the office is closed until tomorrow due to high Covid cases of the employees.

Oh no, this is really getting serious… AGAIN! Should I panic? No, I was thinking majority have vaccine. But I need to be careful on being close to my children when I get home. Nah, we survived 2020 lockdown.. I know the drills.

My family hasn’t changed a bit of what we used to do since the lockdown of 2020. I personally don’t want to be complacent about it. I have alcohol in our living room and in our rooms. My children have their little container for alcohol too. I don’t go near my children when I arrived at home. I rest for 5 to 10 minutes, take a bath, then freely be in our house.

The government is mandating people to have vaccines. If a person does not have vaccination card, he cannot go out anyhow. He cannot eat in a restaurant, ride a public transport, go to malls, etc.. I agree with this rule. The only way to beat this pandemic is for our country to achieve herd immunity, and this is to have everybody vaccinated.

Prayers can move mountains.. It can beat this pandemic too! 2020 and 2021 are over! Praying for better 2022. Hold tight.. Miracles do happen!

When it is Time to go Back

My husband went back to Singapore last Sunday (January 9), his flight was around 9 in the evening and I sent him in the airport at 3:30 in the afternoon. I am really not used to driving in Manila, however, I needed to bring my husband by myself because of this Covid. Usually my husband takes bus when he is leaving for Singapore.

Few days before that I was already preparing my daughters emotionally. During our bonding moments, I was mentioning their father’s going back.. I was mentioning the reason why he needs to be there. My daughters understood. They were seizing the moment that we were together.

During those days, the Omicron variant of this Covid, was already here in the Philippines. Experts say that this variant can spread quickly. We were so careful because of this.. Two days prior to my husband’s flight he needed to have swab test and have negative result. Hence, we opted to stay at home.

I cooked the dishes that my husband love. My husband kept on cleaning the house and making it organized so that it would not be hard for me anymore. My children spent a lot of times playing with their father.

The night of January 8, my husband told my eldest daughter that he will be going back to Singapore the next day. My daughter hugged him, and to my surprise, she cried. I thought, she already accepted it, she was okay with it.. Seeing my daughter cries, crushed my heart. I couldn’t cry in front of her because I wanted to talk to her and console her. It was hard. My youngest was sleeping already at that time.

The day has come for him to go back. It was a Sunday.. a lazy day for us. However, my husband still washed the clothes for me. We made it a usual Sunday. Until, I found my eldest daughter, trying to hold her tears in the living room. I again talked to her.

My husband and my youngest daughter came and saw us having a serious conversation. We told them that since children don’t have vaccine still, we cannot go to Singapore too. We told them that they need to have swab tests, putting a long stick in their nose. They knew how swab testing hurts, and their sadness just went away. They are still kids..

I was hesitant to drive my husband because I might not be able to go back home safely. The atmosphere in the car going to the airport was very light. We were having jokes, while concentrating in google maps going to the airport.

When we were already at the departure area, the reality just sink-in. I did not cry when we said goodbye to each other. However, when I was already in the car.. again driving by myself. All the hidden and succumbed emotions came out. I will never be used to this feeling.

I needed to let it all out because I was driving and I should be okay already when facing my children.

I admire those domestic workers that leave their children for a better future. The feeling of loneliness when departing is unexplainable.

It’s been three days since the day my husband went back to Singapore. We are back to our regular activities at home. I am praying that someday, we will be together again. I hope this pandemic will end soon.

Time Well Spent

Happy new year to you all! Before anything else, I pray that you will have a blessed new year and this would be a better year for you.

It’s been a while since I wrote here in my blog and a lot happened for the last three weeks. The last three weeks were the times my husband was here in the Philippines for a vacation.

If you read my last blog, my husband was able to come home to spend Christmas with us. Last November 2021, I already accepted that my husband would not be able to spend the holidays with us. The moment I accepted it, I felt peace in my heart. Then, my husband told me that the Singapore government’s rules on workers going back there have changed. That is the reason why my husband was able to come home.

My husband is back in Singapore now and I could say that we spent the time well when he was here.

Daughter’s Birthday

When I told my daughters about their father’s arrival, they were so excited. They are very close to their father, to the point that they were not able to sleep well knowing that he will be arriving the next day.

My heart was so happy knowing that my youngest will be spending her birthday with her father.

We were so cautious about Covid-19 reason why we really made her birthday very intimate. We just spent it with my parents and siblings. Though, it was celebrated that way, my daughter was very happy because her father was here.

A Lot of Cooking

My husband is really not cooking. I know his cravings. He loves vegetables and fish. A day after he arrived I cooked “otan” (recipe from his hometown) and fried fishes. Otan recipe is from his hometown in Cebu, it is a mixture of different kinds of vegetables.

I was so excited to cook for my husband as I know he was not able to eat real home-cook meals. I always anticipated his coming back, and so the recipes that I will cook are already engraved to my mind.


My husband and I love to travel. When I was still working in Singapore, we always spent holidays outside of the country. Now that we are here in the Philippines, we thought it is time to explore the beauty of our own country.

We went to Subic.. This is in the northern part of the Philippines. My husband drove for more than 4 hours. It was his first time to drive that far. It was an experience that our family would not forget. My children saw a lot of beautiful sceneries while travelling.

We booked a condo from Airbnb and stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights. We always book on this app because it is really dependable. It was a pleasant stay. The views from the place we stayed were spectacular.

During our stay in Subic, we went to the beach. We are really fond of going to beaches. My husband is from Cebu where there’s a lot of beautiful beaches. This was one of his travel goals, to be able to go to a beach.

We spent more than 5 hours in the beach. Though there were lots of swimming pools in the resort, we opted to stay in the beach. My daughters enjoyed a lot. We brought the toys for sand castle making and we enjoyed playing in the sand.

We let our youngest daughter experienced being in a zoo too. We went to Zoobic Safari. My children were amazed to see well-taken-cared-of animals. There are lions, zebra, different kinds of birds, tigers, deers, donkeys, snakes, crocodiles and a lot more in that zoo.

Catching Up with Friends

Since Covid cases last December here in the Philippines decreased substantially. The government eased the quarantine rules. Hence, we were able to catch up with our friends. We have an annual get-together every end of the year and due to pandemic, we were not able to have our reunion for two consecutive years. Last December we were able to celebrate Christmas.

It is always a happy moment when we spend times with loved ones. It was good also that we were able to see each other complete and all healthy.

Family Bonding

It was my husband’s first time to see our new house when he arrived. I saw his happiness seeing the fruit of his hard work. I am happy that he appreciated the effort that I gave for the house too.

Eating, sleeping, playing, practically doing everything together made my husband’s stay memorable. Pre-pandemic, we thought my husband could go home every month. Everything changed. And so, the usual things that we do together became so memorable to us. Those were the times that we really cherish.

This pandemic really gave us a lot of lessons. It made us realized a lot of things. It is still a blessing to be able to learn from this experience. I just pray that this will be over so that the time that we will be spending together will not be less. I also pray that people who are longing to see their loved ones will be able to go home too.

Merry Christmas Indeed!

First of all, I want to say that I miss you all! I miss writing! I miss seeing people who are reading my blog. I miss sharing what is in my mind.

I have been thinking of writing a blog almost every night however, I became so occupied these past few weeks.

My siblings and I joined a bazaar here in our village. I am joggling, household chores, homeschooling and selling stuffs in the bazaar. Don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying it. My brother is the one who is looking after the bazaar from 1 to 5 in the afternoon, and I am taking over from 5 to 8 in the evening.

It was really fun because the sales is doing good. We are selling K-pop merchandise and a lot of teens love it. My siblings and I are so amazed on the outcome of our little store.

I became busy too doing the grades of my eldest as Term 1 just finished and I submitted her grades to the homeschool provider.

As you could see, I am trying to justify my absence. I have been longing to write and share with you the happenings that we had for the past few weeks, however my earthly body is already tired in the evening.

Today, I really wanted to find time to share with you the happiness that I have. After one and a half years, my husband finally managed to go home. I knew about his coming home, since November, though I knew it will really happen, I am quite hesitant to share it because the situation is always changing.

As you may know, my husband is stationed in Singapore. It became so strict in Singapore for Filipinos to go home because before they were requiring a 14-day stay in a hotel, which will be shouldered by Filipinos. It was quite expensive. Plus, they needed to ask an approval to the government for them to be able to come back in Singapore.

I already accepted that my husband will not be able to spend Christmas with us. I erased the thought of him being with us this holiday season. I said, I will just enjoy every moment that we are blessed and are still able to communicate well through video calls.

When my husband sent me a message, saying… “Good news Ma, I will be home this Christmas”. Singapore already allows Filipinos to go home, it is not that strict anymore. No amount to be paid. I got teary eyed. My siblings who were with me that time asked me if I am okay.

The news about Omicron came in and a lot of countries panicked on this new variant of Covid. I don’t want to be pessimistic but I said, I just need to accept if my husband’s flight would be changed.

Good thing, it is only the quarantine period that was changed. The days he spent in a hotel for quarantine were prolonged for 7 days. He had his swab test on the 5th day of his stay and the result was released after 48 hours.

The bazaar made me occupied reason why the waiting of 7 days did not become agonizing.

When the swab test result was released yesterday (negative from Covid), my brother and I hurriedly jumped into the car and fetched my husband.

Oh my!!! 1 1/2 years is the longest that we became apart! I managed the lockdown alone only with my children. I managed to do manly chores. Look after our house that was being constructed. Taking care of my children alone. Talking to my husband only through videocalls..

The waiting is over! My husband is now home. He is now with my children. Playing with them.

God is good! My youngest daughter’s prayer every night is for her father to be home. Every night that is what she was asking the Lord. God answered her prayers. Praise God for a Merry Christmas!