Safety at home

I supposedly have a different topic to share with you today however something happened here at home that I feel the need to share. This has something to do with safety at home.

So, yesterday morning, I was in the mood to cook vegetables for my daughters. I turned on the stove and boil water. While I was doing that, I prepared the vegetables and began chopping the squash. Then suddently, I heard a loud boom, seemed like it was just inches away from me.

I asked my eldest daughter what it was, I thought the door was just banged by my youngest daughter but she said it was not the door. Then, I noticed the stove’s burners were lifted and the cabinet doors under the stove were opened.

Oh my, it then sinked into my mind that it is something serious. I immediately, unplugged the stove and closed the valve of the gas. I searched for the service technician’s number and immediately called them.

My daughter just cooked hotdogs before it happened. Thank God nothing happened to her.

And so the technician arrived this afternoon to take a look at what happened. He immediately noticed something that made the (should I say) explosion. There was leak on the pipe of the gas going to the stove. It was loosely connected. There was an accumulated gas inside the cabinet reason why it exploded. It was a little explosion though but could be bigger. The technician told me that yesterday, he went to a client whose legs where burnt (3rd degree burn) because of an explosion also. Apparently, the pipe was eaten by mice.

Our stove was not installed by the company’s technician. It was installed by our house contractor. The instructions of the installation is pretty easy and I myself could install it. However, the safeness or concern of the one who installed was not there. Reason why, it was just installed anyhow.

The stove’s technician saw a lot of loop holes in the installation. The regulator is a high pressure one. The gaskets are not properly installed. The connections are loose.

So, this is a lesson learnt on my part, to prioritize safety at home. Not to be complacent but to still check. There is no one but myself who could check loop holes here at home. I mean, though it is a simple installation but this is not like water connection, that would not entail huge danger.

I just want to share my lesson today about safety at home, especially housewives who are living alone with their children. My routine every night before going to bed are turning off the gas, unplugging the appliances, turning on lights outside and checking if windows and doors are closed.

our mini garden

I always wanted to plant. However, we usually live in flats and so there is literally no space for planting. When we come back here in the Philippines, 2019, it was really the first time after gazillion years that I did planting. My daughter had this project of planting tomatoes, and I was the one who’s very eager to do that. It really grew and we harvested a lot.

Now that we moved to our new house, there is a small space where I could plant some vegetables. I do love to cook vegetables and to give my children with healthy foods. So, let me show you some of the vegetables that I planted in our mini vegetable garden.

  • Spinach – My mother-in-law told me that spinach can easily grow and so this is one of the first vegetables that I planted. It’s growing fast and amongst the plants in my garden, I harvested a lot of these already. I did cook Garlic Sauteed Spinach with Bacon and my daughters really love it. I added a link in the recipe that I mentioned, you may want to check it out.
  • Basil – I love to make pesto and put in in pasta, salmon or chicken. When we were living in Singapore, basil leaves are quite expensive, that’s why I am so thrilled to plant this. I have four of these and this one in the photo is the biggest so far. I can’t wait to harvest the leaves and make some pesto for my kids.
  • Onions – These plants are given by our neighbors who are Chinese. They moved to another house and so they gave us some of their plants. Maybe, they saw me, patiently watering the plants twice a day. I love the onion leaves too, I love to put it in steamed fish and some Filipino dishes.
  • Papaya – I love papaya and the benefits it gives to people. I planted three papaya trees. The seedlings were given by my father. He knows how excited I am to plant especially papaya trees. I really like to eat this when riped, put in a chicken soup or make papaya shake.
  • Calamansi – Some call this “golden lime”. It is a small lime that is so useful for cooking. I mean, I put a lot of these in marinades and in a lot of Filipino dishes. This is so rich in Vitamin C, we usually make calamansi juice whenever we feel sick. I really hope that this tree will give us more fruits.
  • Malunggay – I googled the english of malunggay and it say, horseradish. Malunggay leaves are believed to be very nutritious. We are really fond of putting malunggay leaves on our soups. Bean soups, chicken soup and vegetable soups are not complete without malunggay leaves.
  • Plant that I don’t know – Haha.. As mentioned earlier, our former Chinese neighbor gave us some plants and one of those is this plant. The Chinese girl cannot speak in English well, but she said this is delicious. Maybe you could help me know what plant is this and how this is cooked. Kindly help me by giving comments. Thank you.

These plants are still young, maybe a month old only. So, I would really love to give you updates on how they grow and how they helped me with my cooking. There are some vegetables that I planted but did not include here, ladyfinger, bell peppers and tomatoes. Hopefully, they will survive.. Haha.

happy mother’s day

I slept a little late last night because I always find myself not sleepy when my daughters are already asleep. I’m not sure if some of you are like this but I sneek out of the bedroom to eat some chips while watching movies or some Korean dramas.

This morning, I was awakened by some facebook messages from friends and families with Happy Mother’s day greetings.

I didn’t know that it is Mother’s day. This whole stay-at-home-forever thing makes me forget what day it is. However, this day is a gift for all the women who are blessed to become mothers.

I always celebrate motherhood. I remembered when I was pregnant with my first child, my father told me that I am so blessed because not all women can be a mother. I will be forever grateful to be receiving this gift of motherhood.

My children are planned and prayed for, hence, we, as parents, need to give our best for our children. It is embedded in our veins that we are responsible for them. They deserve good life. Good life does not mean, to be spoiled or to grant all their wishes but for them to be able to adapt in this life. This life that is so unpredictable, yet still needs to enjoy.

The day is about to end here in the Philippines, I saw a lot of social media posts about motherhood. My children and I just had a normal day at home. It’s Sunday today and we had some Bible study. I personally opted not to do a lot of things today. My kids, rode their bicycles around the village (with their masks on), while I was sitting near our garden drinking my favorite cappucino.

Let’s always celebrate motherhood. It is a gift from God that is so precious. The responsibility is so enormous and yet very rewarding.

If you are a mom like me, I wish you a Happy Mother’s day. Enjoy our gift!

Things that I don’t do…

Okay, okay, my blog post title is not yet complete. It really should be, “The Things that I don’t Do, When My Husband is with Me”. This post is somehow very personal as it might not be the same with the other housewives whose husbands are not with them. Anyway, I wanted to share this to you as you might be able to relate.

Because of this pandemic, my husband was not able to go back home for more than a year now. Though he is only in Singapore but there is a memorandum in is company that they should remain in there. It’s really hard but I just live each and every day with a faith that everything will be okay.

So, because I miss my husband so badly, I would like to share the things that I don’t do when he is around. My husband is very protective of me and he wanted me to rest at least once in a while as I am really always on-the-go.

  1. Washing the Dishes – I don’t ask my husband to wash the dishes, he always insist on doing that. I cook, he washes. I love cooking and my style of cooking requires a lot of pots and kitchen utensils to use and so after cooking I have loads of things to wash. After eating, we will have our tea then he will proceed to wash. I know this is a way of him thanking me for the good food that I cooked. hihi.

2. Bringing heavy stuffs – My husband is a true gentleman. He is like that since I met him, he did not change his attitude towards me. He is very consistent. He doesn’t want me to bring heavy stuffs. During groceries or shopping, he will just bring the bags for me. Again, I am not asking him to do that, he is just a true blooded gentleman.

We have 5 gallons of water that I need to replace almost every other day and I always think that I will not do that if my husband is here.

3. Clean the car – Though I love cleaning the car but because I am busy with our children, my husband is the one who do it. I know what he feels, I mean, the satisfaction of seeing your car clean is like you wearing a clean shirt. Nowadays, I clean our car, every other week as I don’t usually go out.

4. Drive the car – Since we lived in Singapore for almost 9 years and the transportation there is very convenient, a car is really not needed (Well, plus the fact that the cars there are 300% more expensive than here in the Philippines). And so, I did not drive for almost 9 years. Imagine, if you are my husband riding in the passenger seat with me as a driver. haha.. So, I am not at ease also of driving when he is here.

However, since I have been driving for almost a year now, I am very used to driving now and I could say, I am ready to drive when he is here.

5. Plumbing – This is one thing that I do also, however if my husband is around, he will be the one to do it. Recently, I need to replace the shower heads of our bathrooms and I just thought if my husband is here it will be easier because he is tall.

6. Fixing the computer – My husband is an IT specialist and he is really fond of doing computer stuffs. He bought a desktop for my eldest daughter and I need to do some stuffs to have it ready to use. Of course, I needed to do it with the help of my husband. I am really not into it, but what can I do, I just need to do it. haha.

7. Run Errands – It’s good that nowadays, we can pay our bills online and so I don’t need to get out of the house to pay my bills. However, there are some instances that I need to go out for errands. With my husband around, he is just on-the-go. He likes walking and he considers going out for errands as exercise.

Some of the things that we do at home, we do it together. For now, these are the things that I don’t usually do when he is around. Can you imagine now, the adjustment that I had? All in all, it is really rewarding to be seeing that I was able to do a lot of stuffs alone. However, it is a great joy to be having my husband around and helping me at home.

my first blog post

I started blogging when I had my first maternity leave on the year 2010. It was a great experience knowing that I am sharing my thoughts and learnings to other fellow first time moms. When I went back to work, I became very busy joggling my job and my family life. And so, I was not able to update my blog more often.

So, I am now again blogging and the excitement is really enormous. This is also the first time that I stayed at home, 24/7 with my kids. I had to quit my job due to stress in which I had problems with my health already. This is another topic that I wanted to share with you too.

The title of my blog is “Maybahay ng OFW”, housewife of an Overseas Filipino Worker. We were residing in Singapore for almost 9 years before I became a housewife. My husband and I felt the need of us (my children and I) to go back to the Philippines, for me to be relaxed and to keep my mind away from work. My husband need to stay there in Singapore to work. While we were staying there, we bought some properties here in case we wanted to live here in the Philippines permanently.

And so, my journey of being a housewife of an OFW started June of 2019. I had the impression that the transition would be easy breezy. However, having this I-need-to-fix-everything mentality, something that I acquired while working for almost 2 decades, I became stressed again. The work at home is never ending, the ideas that I have in my mind overflowed. I am speaking for myself, but I was overwhelmed. Well, this was during my first year of being a housewife.

And because this is the first time after graduating from university that I have to depend financially to someone, I became stressed again. I tried different businesses, selling stuffs so that I could at least contribute. Though my husband can provide everything we need, but the call of my contribution is for myself to be relieved. I am not sure if you could relate to this, but it was a difficult phase of the transition. I want to share with you how I am dealing with this and how I would want to cope with it.

Last February, we moved to our new house and I am so excited to start a new journey. I know how to manage my time now and so I saw myself searching on how to start a blog. haha.. I have loads of things to share with you, please bear with me as I am not an expert, but I want to share with you my parenting styles, home improvement, recipes, gardening and a lot more. I just need to be honest but those that I mentioned are somehow new to me. I would love to learn these things and share my learnings. Maybe you could also give me some tips or comments along the way.

I will be sharing a lot for the next couple of days. I felt like I am my four year old daughter excited to receive her toys from a delivery man. I mean, I am so thrilled to be starting this blog and communicate with you.

See you on my next post.