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Housewife of an Overseas Filipino Worker. A journey of a first time housewife, living and coping miles away from a hardworking husband.

What am I sharing lately..

Mothers should be Healthy

It was the year 2019 when I became a stay-at-home mom.. If you have been following my blog, I mentioned quite a few times that I was once a working mom. My husband and I worked in Singapore, my children were with us too. We had a nanny to take care of them. I needed…

A Post from my Daughter

Hi everyone! My daughter’s topic in her computer class is about websites (blogs, social medias, etc). She needed to explore the blog providers just like this WordPress. And so, I asked her to write a short blog of how she spent life during this pandemic. Enjoy! Start The pandemic has been a bit bad lately…

My Dear Sister’s Birthday

I had a blast last week as I had some bonding moments with my siblings. Since I started working, I became so occupied with my work. When I was still single, I became so eager to share my income to my family. I always wanted them to be happy. Since I am now in the…

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