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Housewife of an Overseas Filipino Worker. A journey of a first time housewife, living and coping miles away from a hardworking husband.

What am I sharing lately..

Tales of Online Selling in the Philippines

I miss writing here, seeing people reading my blog post really makes me happy. I was quite busy the past few days because I again became active on selling online. I got some children’s clothes that I bought March of this year however, for some reasons sales were not okay. I decided to take a…

Realization During this Pandemic

This past few days, I was a little bit under the weather maybe because of the hormones.. I am at my 40’s now and I could say that the level of my patience and thinking is a little different now. I was once an easy-go-lucky person but now since I have children, I became more…

How I Manage my Anger

My last post was a little heavy.. The anger that I had that day was at the peak, but I still managed to control it. If you haven’t read my last blog, I shared what happened to my daughter and my mom last week. They were attacked by a dog and my daughter was bitten…

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