Spending my Birthday!

Two birthdays of not spending with my husband was quite different.. This is all because of the pandemic. I was really not hoping for us to be together on my birthday. I know my husband works miles from us and so the expectations are not that high.

When Singapore (where my husband works) totally eased the in-and-out of workers in their country, my husband grabbed the opportunity of buying the air tickets. He was not able to come home on my daughter’s birthday because the air tickets were still very expensive.

My children and I were so excited to be spending almost three weeks with my husband. The time he bought tickets, I already checked on Airbnb for a house to stay near the beach. We opted to rent a house through Airbnb because it is very practical and we could also select where to stay.

We decided to spend my birthday near the beach.. We stayed there for four days. It was really a blast. It was quite a road trip. We travelled around 121 kilometers from home. We downloaded a lot of our daughter’s playlists in spotify. On our journey, we kept on singing together.

On our way to the beach we passed a road with the spectacular view of the Taal Volcano. This volcano was said to be the smallest volcano in the world.. The last major eruption of this volcano was January 2020.

My children were so happy to finally go back to the beach. We went to the beach last December when their father came home for Christmas. Obviously, we are beach-goers. We wanted to stay in the beach for a longer time.

It was one of our most memorable trips as my children were able to explore. The house that we rented was near the beach but we needed to cross a small river before we could reach the beach. Wow! It was one heck of an adventure! We saw carabaos and cows nearby and some small fishes in the river.

The beach was near the private resorts. We were so blessed to enjoy the beach every day of our stay for free! It was the same shore line as the expensive resorts.

We were so blessed, indeed!

On the day of my birthday, we went to a restaurant near the house. Food was nice.. We had seafood platter. We enjoyed the lunch especially the halo-halo dessert. This is a dessert with the mixture of Filipino sweets with crushed ice with condensed milk.

After our lunch, we went again to the beach and spent the whole afternoon there.

The amount that we spent for our vacation was not that high compared to the experience that we had. We were able to enjoy the beach with no cost. Cooked in the house that we rent. Tasted the famous Lomi (noodle soup) in Batangas. Road trip with amazing views.

It was really a birthday to remember. I will always be thankful.

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