Sunday Plug Off

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy” – Exodus 20:8

I am a Christian and I have known that Sabbath day (whichever that day is, but for Christians it is every Sunday) needs to be surrendered to the Lord.

So I am much aware of it however, for the past few weeks I was so hooked on the sewing projects that I had and so I tend not to honor what I believe in.

My children and I spent the whole week here at home. Though we are just at home, there are still a lot of accomplishments that we had. My eldest daughter whom I am homeschooling finished a lot of tasks. We were so productive in her school and I am so happy that she is learning a lot. Aside from homeschooling, I did finish some of my sewing projects.

My husband will be coming home from Singapore next week and so I was quite busy too washing the curtains and somehow preparing for his arrival.

To be honest, I became exhausted.

Today as it is Sunday, I intended to pull the plug and rest. My children and I had a long nap this afternoon. It was so refreshing to the body. I was not thinking of anything to do at home. We were busy feeding the kittens and teaching them how to use the litter box.

After dinner, my youngest daughter and I went to her room. She told me to watch my latest favorite show in Netflix which is “Get Organized by the The Home Edit” in her room. I am learning a lot from that show and I am so excited to apply those in our home. My children were so thrilled to also do the same in their room.

My eldest daughter got inside and showed me the new song that she learned in ukulele. “Fools rush in”.. She sang it so nicely. She came back to her room as she wants to practice more.

Then suddenly I realized that I miss writing. Oh this blog is very therapeutic to me. My thoughts, my emotions are laid down in this blog. I don’t really care about the statistics as long as I can let my thoughts out, I feel okay. Of course if you are reading this and you find it entertaining, that makes my heart happy too.

I would like to do this often.. I mean writing here in my blog and plug off during Sundays.

So see you soon!

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