5 Essential Things to Bring Outside for Kids

I am more than excited to let my children explore the world. The moment my youngest daughter went outside to be with us in a grocery store, I felt like she was deprived of going out. Though it was not really my fault but the circumstances, I still felt what she missed.

Now that everything’s slowly going back to normal (and my children are aware of it), they are very eager to come with me anywhere outside the house.

My eldest daughter is about to have a pictorial for her graduation photo and I needed to buy make-up kit for her. I decided to do her make-up though I don’t really know about it. I am busy watching tutorials about that. Anyway, so I decided to go the mall with my eldest daughter. I felt like my youngest daughter would really like to go with us and so I asked her. Without hesitations, she agreed to go with us.

My kids do carry their backpacks whenever we go outside nowadays. I still need to prepare the essential things that they need to bring.

I would like to share with you the things that I am preparing for them.

  1. Water – This is one of the essentials that I always asked my daughters to bring. It’s hot here in the Philippines and so water is a must. My children are also fond of drinking water. Sometimes, even if I thought what we brought was enough, we tend to still buy a bottle of water for them.
  2. Alcohol – Covid is still here. We may not know if there are new variants roaming around. My daughters have alcohol in their bags. I always see to it that they always put alcohol.

3. Baby Wipes – I find this very essential especially when they feel like going to the toilet. I am a bit paranoid because I always ask them to wipe the bowl first before they use it.

Sometimes, I need to wipe their hands also after eating.

4. Small towel – Though we are in the mall, my children still sweat a lot. Especially when they will play in a playground. Filipino mothers put towels at the back of their children.

5. Extra foods – I usually bring some snacks for them. My children tend to ask for something to eat whenever they are bored. Though they rarely become bored, I just need to be prepared whenever they crave for something to eat.

I never thought we will be spending more than 6 hours in the mall. We ate in our favorite Japanese restaurant, bought the make-up kit that my daughter needs, bought some clothes for them, played in the playground and did some window shopping. My children can keep up with those activities. I felt so blessed to be having a husband who provides for his children’s happiness.

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