6 Signs that Your Cat is About to Give Birth

This is one of our cats, her name is Pink (female). The other cat that we have is Blue (male). In this picture, I was suspecting that Pink is already pregnant… well the father is Blue. They are both Persian cats.

We were so excited when we learnt that Pink is pregnant. I did not bring her to the veterinarian, but I was certain that she already had the kittens in her tummy. I saw the change in her attitude.

Blue and Pink had their mating period on the 1st week of January 2022. I checked in the internet and saw that cats carry the kittens in their tummies for more or less 60 days. I calculated it and expected the date of birth of her kittens would be 2nd week of March. Pink’s kitties were born last March 8, 2022. I swear I was really not ready to see a newborn kittens. I was already anticipating, checking the signs that she will give birth. I checked in the internet and also compared what Pink was actually doing.

Let me share to you the 6 signs that I noticed when Pink was about to give birth.

  1. Urinating/Going to her litter box often. Pink unlike Blue always goes to the litter box to pee. During the time when she was about to give birth, her going to the litter box became so often. She also wanted her litter box to always be cleaned.
  2. Eating and Drinking a lot. Her appetite really increased as the kittens in her tummy are also growing. Oftentimes, Pink will still long for food even after she ate.
  3. Becoming more affectionate. Pink is really affectionate. However, she became extra affectionate when she was about to give birth. I totally understand this because I cannot imagine how hard it was for her to carry a lot of kittens. She often goes to us every time she will see us, sitting or lying down.

4. Cleaning her private parts often. I believe she was having some discharges during those times.

5. Checking for a place to give birth. Days before giving birth, Pink often goes to our room and hides to a corner or a place where she cannot be seen. Since we have a powder room, I prepared the floor for her, put a large empty box and placed it on a rag.

6. Shouting so loud. Hour/Minutes before she gave birth, Pink’s voice became so modulated. She screamed loudly. I am not sure why she was doing that, probably because of the pain she was having.


First of all, I am not used to see blood or big wounds. For some reasons, I cannot hold my breathe and I vomit (sorry if you are eating or not comfortable reading).

I knew that Pink was about to give birth that day (March 8). She was so uneasy, going back and forth, looking for a place to give birth. I already told her that she will give birth to the powder room. There are lots of times that I thought it was the time the kitties will come out and so I hurriedly brought her to the powder room.

That day, I already told my mom that Pink is about to give birth. My eldest daughter and I were in my room as my daughter was preparing for her exam that time. When she was about to go out of the room, she saw a little creature on the floor, with little blood. She got scared and came back to the room. She described what she saw which made me scared too.. I believe that was a kitten. I sent a message to my mom and told her that Pink just gave birth.

Surprisingly, it was also the first time that my mom saw a newborn kitten. It was like a mouse..

Pink was so smart to hurriedly go to the powder room. She gave birth there. I conquered my fear already and monitored Pink’s giving birth. I was updating my husband every 5 minutes or so.. I will tell him, it is already 3, then 5, then 7.

Pink had 7 kittens. However, after two days, the 2 other kittens did not make it. Pink’s milk is not sufficient. We needed to buy a feeding bottle and milk for kittens to help Pink.

After 9 days, her kittens are doing well. Pink is a great mom cat. She is less affectionate nowadays, so concentrated on her lovely kittens.

By the way, she moved her kittens on the back of the couch. I think she doesn’t want people to disturb her as my children kept on checking on the kitties every now and then.

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