Children’s Vaccination in the Philippines

Sometime last week, I checked my facebook for any updates about the vaccination of children from 5 to 11 years old. Some of the towns here are already starting the program. I saw that here in our town, our government is asking us (parents) to register our children online for vaccination. I immediately signed in my children as I am a firm believer that this is the only solution to fight Covid.

Yesterday afternoon, I got a text confirmation from our government that my children are scheduled to have vaccine today at 9 in the morning at a designated vaccination site. The text message was pretty precise as they itemized there the needed supporting documents. I prepared the documents last night and asked my children to sleep early.

My children usually wake up at 8 in the morning. Since, I allotted at least an hour for the travel time to the vaccination site, I woke them at 7 in the morning. I marinated the pork for grilling (stove) last night and had it grilled this morning. My children had a heavy breakfast because I planned them to take paracetamol after the jab.

Submission of documents started at exactly 9 in the morning. We arrived early at the site and so my children were so excited to finally be in the mall (the vaccination site is in the mall). My youngest was already planning of what to do after her vaccination. I reiterate to her that we need to go home immediately after they are vaccinated.

The process was smooth though there are lots of children on queue also. We thought we were the earliest but some parents maybe were there before 8:30 in the morning.

My children were so behave and cooperative during the process. I applaud their bravery when they were about to be vaccinated.

My youngest who has some trauma on vaccination as she was once vaccinated for anti-rabies, fought her scaredness.

After the vaccination, it was as if nothing happened. I was observing them both but they still want to roam around. I bought my medicines for hypertension, then asked them if they want to eat an early lunch. They were so happy to be staying more time there. We ate their favorite Chinese wanton noodles. They also ate chicken and rice.

While we were walking towards our car, my eldest saw a Starbucks Cafe and asked if she could have a Frappuccino. I know, it has been ages since she had frappe. We then, spent the next 40 minutes in Starbucks. Bought a “coffee free” frappe for my two daughters and a cheesecake. I was so glad to see them enjoying their time out.

I am still observing them now. My eldest daughter slept this afternoon.. My youngest thought she could go anywhere now because she is vaccinated. Her father convinced her that she needs to still rest for the next couple of days before she could go out.

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