Making Our Own Sofa Cover

I am really into Arts and Crafts.. This is something that I wanted to indulge but I didn’t have any chance before because I was working. Since I have a little bit of chance now to be exploring on my interests, I grabbed the opportunity.

I have been wanting to make our own sofa cover because of our dear cats who kept on scratching our sofas. My mother kept on reminding me to find somebody to do the sofa cover but at the back of my mind, I really wanted to do it.

I bought a portable sewing machine online.. When it arrived here at home, I immediately buy the fabrics. While waiting for the portable sewing machine, I watched a lot of tutorials on youtube on how to make the sofa cover. Upon watching the tutorials, I was pretty confident that I can do it.

Before I bought the fabrics, I did an initial estimate of how much I will buy. When I received the fabrics, that’s when I started making the patterns of the uneven shape of the sofa.

I was really excited as finally, I will be able to pursue my dream of sewing.. Haha.. I never sewed before. I did sew using hands for some minor repairs, but this big project, using a sewing machine is incredibly new to me.

I used this portable sewing machine that I bought online. I was able to sew a bit, but the thread was often cut. My patience was really not helping as I was also doing some chores at home. I was taking some time from my day to do this passion… Nah!!! I gave up! The sewing was not even and the thread was always cut.. I need to buy a heavy-duty sewing machine.. even a second hand.

And so, I immediately grabbed my phone and search online on where I could buy a “real” sewing machine.. Haha.. I was willing to spend my savings for this as I already bought the fabrics and I have been envisioning doing the project for weeks already.

When I told my husband about it, he was very willing to buy me a new one.. Oh!!! How blessed I am! The new one was quite expensive (for me!) but my husband said, if it is for my passion, he will support me.

Oh my!!!!! The next day, I was so excited! We went to this shop where brand new heavy-duty sewing machines are sold. I searched on what to buy, and one of the most popular is this brand, Juki (Japan-made).

And so the next day, we got the sewing machine, I immediately carry on with my project. Again, I was just grabbing some time within the day to sew. I plead to my children to give me a little time to finish this sofa cover as it is really not that pleasing to the eyes.

I finished the sofa cover after two days. It became easier already as I spent some time using this portable sewing machine. It was a training ground for me.. Haha.. The new sewing machine is “high-speed” and I was quite scared to use it at first.

I am still thinking of decorating it more with pleats. I need to buy additional fabric for that.

We still have one big sofa set on our family area. That would be my next project. Now, I know what to do and how to use the new sewing machine. I also decided to sew on weekends instead as I became so hooked on it, hence setting aside some of the house chores.

I had a lot of projects in my mind already using the new sewing machine. I need more practice so that I could eventually make something that could be a potential business someday.

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