100 Reasons Why I Love my Husband

Today is my husband’s birthday and I would like to honor him by sharing with you the ultimate reasons why I love him.. I cannot count the reasons why but I will just share with you a hundred of them. I am ultimately blessed to have him in my life. He is God’s gift to us.

Here are the top 100 reasons why he is dear to me..

  1. He has fear of the Lord.
  2. He honors his parents.
  3. He loves his sibling.
  4. He is a hands-on father.
  5. He is handsome.
  6. He has a beautiful smile.
  7. He is tall.
  8. He is dark.
  9. He cleans the house.
  10. He washes the clothes.
  11. He folds the clothes.
  12. He arranges things.
  13. He is straightforward.
  14. He talks less.
  15. He is not dramatic.
  16. He has dreams.
  17. He listens.
  18. He reads.
  19. He makes me laugh.
  20. He is computer savvy.
  21. He is faithful.
  22. He loves sports.
  23. He plays with his children.
  24. He adores our children.
  25. He is honest.
  26. He buys what we need, even if we haven’t told him.
  27. He knows how to measure.
  28. He can do plumbing.
  29. He loves Mathematics.
  30. He is diligent.
  31. He laughs at my jokes.
  32. He is used to my weirdness.
  33. He allows me to dance.
  34. He is okay to anything I wear.
  35. He loves everything that I cook.
  36. He farts anywhere in the house.
  37. He makes the bed every morning.
  38. He gives me tea.
  39. He drinks wine with me.
  40. He loves to travel.
  41. He loves beach.
  42. He loves Japanese foods.
  43. He loves vegetables.
  44. He is not choosy with foods.
  45. He seeks my advice.
  46. He says “good morning” to me everyday.
  47. He says “good night” every night. Even if we are together.
  48. He mops the floor.
  49. He waters the plants.
  50. He rans for errands.
  51. He don’t want me to be sad.
  52. He hugs me always.
  53. He often talks to his children.
  54. He hates dust.
  55. He cleans the fridge.
  56. He wants me to buy things for me (even if I really don’t).
  57. We are in sync. I know what he is thinking.
  58. He doesn’t like fake people.
  59. He is true to others.
  60. He fights for us.
  61. He takes care of his health.
  62. He reminds me to take care of my health.
  63. He is hardworking.
  64. He is smart.
  65. He knows how to mingle with others.
  66. He chooses his friends.
  67. He is always on time.
  68. He knows how to manage his time.
  69. He knows how to handle finances.
  70. He trusts me with his finances.
  71. He hates talking about problems and not finding solutions about it.
  72. He loves to count blessings.
  73. He is optimistic.
  74. He calms me when I am angry.
  75. He always give me advice.
  76. He thinks before he speak.
  77. He is an introvert, but loves to travel only with his family.
  78. He doesn’t have any vice.
  79. He baths so quickly.
  80. He is low maintenance.
  81. He is very simple.
  82. He is not boastful.
  83. He is forgiving.
  84. He knows how to give.
  85. He doesn’t use facebook all the time.
  86. He is decisive.
  87. He controls his anger.
  88. He sleeps with his children.
  89. He loves to sing.
  90. He loves to watch movies.
  91. He loves to tease.
  92. He doesn’t use phone that much when we are together.
  93. He packs his own clothes.
  94. He gives me time to rest.
  95. He goes shopping with me.
  96. We buy groceries together.
  97. We like the same kinds of foods.
  98. He don’t like dramatic people.
  99. He doesn’t want me to worry.
  100. He prays a lot.

Oh while I was doing this.. I could even write more.

I am praying that God would give him more years to live. He deserve all the happiness in the world. I hope that I am making him happy. I will always be thankful for his life.

This is the picture of us together last Christmas. Praying that this pandemic will end so that we could spend more time during special occasions.

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