Covid Situation in the Philippines

Today is January 13, 2022 here in the Philippines. While my eldest daughter is having homeschool, there are lots of schools who are having an “academic break” due to the surge of Covid cases. Many teachers asked for support from the government and their respective schools for this break. Students are asked to have a “mental break” because it is really exhausting to be staying at home for almost two years.

Source: GMA 7 Facebook Page & Department of Health

Last December, the cases went down to 200+ a day. We were so happy about this, reason why my friends and I grabbed the opportunity to have a reunion. Little did we know that there is this new variant, called Omicron that rapidly spreading around the world.

For the last two days, we are experiencing the highest Covid cases here in the Philippines. These are happening inspite of the number of vaccinated people. Now, it is hard to entertain the thought of my children being vaccinated and could go to school. I need to live one day at a time. The future is becoming blur, but hopeful that it would be better.

This morning, I got up so early to go to our municipality to pay property tax. I really don’t want to queue that’s why I went there so early.

When I got there, I was so surprised because parking is still okay. There is no queue outside.. no early birds like me. I saw a sign there that the trial court is closed today. I asked one of the cleaners, and he told me that the office is closed until tomorrow due to high Covid cases of the employees.

Oh no, this is really getting serious… AGAIN! Should I panic? No, I was thinking majority have vaccine. But I need to be careful on being close to my children when I get home. Nah, we survived 2020 lockdown.. I know the drills.

My family hasn’t changed a bit of what we used to do since the lockdown of 2020. I personally don’t want to be complacent about it. I have alcohol in our living room and in our rooms. My children have their little container for alcohol too. I don’t go near my children when I arrived at home. I rest for 5 to 10 minutes, take a bath, then freely be in our house.

The government is mandating people to have vaccines. If a person does not have vaccination card, he cannot go out anyhow. He cannot eat in a restaurant, ride a public transport, go to malls, etc.. I agree with this rule. The only way to beat this pandemic is for our country to achieve herd immunity, and this is to have everybody vaccinated.

Prayers can move mountains.. It can beat this pandemic too! 2020 and 2021 are over! Praying for better 2022. Hold tight.. Miracles do happen!

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