My Dear Sister’s Birthday

I had a blast last week as I had some bonding moments with my siblings. Since I started working, I became so occupied with my work. When I was still single, I became so eager to share my income to my family. I always wanted them to be happy.

Since I am now in the Philippines, it became often that we see each other.. because I was always out of the country before and so my brother. Our schedule rarely meets. For the longest time, it is only nowadays that we are complete.

They were here last Thursday until today (Sunday) because we celebrated my sister’s 40th birthday here at home. We are fond of celebrating occasions here in our place because it’s quite big for us. My sister’s birthday was yesterday (November 20).

Unlike me, she is quite reserve and quiet. However, we knew exactly how to make each other laugh.

Last Thursday was pretty special because we decided to go on road trip. We went to Sta. Rosa Laguna, like 30km away from our place. We decided to go there to shop as there are lots of factory outlets there.. We were there around 10 in the morning and started to walk and look for things that we could buy. Come 12 noon, we haven’t bought anything and so we ate our lunch instead. Lunch time was full of jokes and bullying.. We were so noisy in the restaurant.

We continued to walk and look… tried shoes, clothes. But after almost 2 hours, we did not find anything to buy. Oh my, I found the styles out-to-date, my sister agreed to it. My brother is so annoyed already and so I told them to just go to the grocery store. This was really the reason why we were there, to check the big membership based grocery store in Laguna. It was sister’s first time there and she was so mesmerized. We ended up buying a lot of stuffs for our homes.

Oh, we did some photoshoots also in the place where we did not buy anything.. Haha.. That is my pretty sister in the picture.

Friday was quite a busy schedule for me because I had blood test and ECG as part of my annual check-up. I will tell you about this on my next blog.

Anyway, on the birthday of my sister, we were so thrilled to decorate our patio. We decided to prank our parents because they did not know that we bought foods for her birthday. Usually we cook during occasions, especially when my brother is here as he was once a cook in Singapore.

We don’t have visitors because of the pandemic.. We ate biryani (Indian dish) in the morning.. My brother prepared it so early. Indian dish is quite troublesome to prepare. There’s a lot of spices. But it was so delicious. My father did not like it though.

Since my father did not eat much in the morning, he was expecting us to be preparing our lunch early. He kept on saying that he is already hungry. My mother kept on asking too, what are we going to cook. She even wanted to cook spaghetti. We told them our lunch is also Biryani.. Haha. We pretended that we were not hearing them. Haha.

We sneaked the foods in the patio. They did not have any clue that foods are ready there. When we called them, my father was so happy.. Haha. He was so hungry.

But I insisted to take a lot of photos first as souvenirs. My father was so annoyed. He was becoming angry already.. Haha.

We prayed and sung “Happy Birthday”. Food was delicious.. We bought food for boodle fight. This is where all the dishes are nicely placed on coconut leaves, including the rice. Then we ate it together using our hands. It was a nice meal.

Around 4 in the afternoon, my father asked us if we could drink wine already (so early). My father and brother drunk whiskey and the girls (except my children) had margarita. We ate barbecue and nachos to partner our drinks. It was a fun afternoon.

My family is not perfect. A lot of trials came but we are what we have. We have each other during our struggles. We can cry and lean on to each other. The best memories are the non-stop laughing and teasing.

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