What’s up with me?

The past week was a little busy for me as the term exam of my eldest daughter is this week and I need to prepare her for that. Though, she in homeschool but the school that is linked to her homeschooling is the one who is giving the term exams.

It’s good that she in homeschooling because our internet service provider is really a pain in my head.. It is online schooling, it will really be troublesome.

Days passed doing the same thing at home and also homeschooling my children. There are some ease on the quarantining here in the Philippines and I am not sure if I will buy the idea of my children going out as if Covid is gone completely. In Manila, government is already allowing children to go to the malls. Parents were so excited too because for the longest time, they are happy to see their children explore outside.

On the contrary, I am still hesitant to let my children come with me in the malls.. not unless they are vaccinated. Today also is the first day of the pilot run of face-to-face classes of the government schools. Again, I am still not in favor of this because children are still not vaccinated.

I became so paranoid because of the many news that I am receiving about people that I know who had Covid.. either they died or experienced a traumatic hardships fighting Covid.

Vaccination for Filipinos ages 12-18 years is now ongoing. Still a long way to go because many are still not vaccinated. I am still waiting for my children’s turn, they are 11 and 5 years old only..

I just wanted to update you of what we are doing nowadays. I am trying my best for children to be occupied and not be bored at home.

My youngest finished her lessons of recognizing letters and writing the capital letters. I saw some techniques online on how I could teach her writing small letters. I cut some cardboard, then put some guides on how to write. I added a plastic cover so that we she write there, it could be erased.

She is enjoying the learning experience of writing small letters. Next lesson would be reading using phonics.

Another thing I need to achieve is losing weight.. I would want to share it with you but I don’t know how to start. Sometimes, I am thinking of not depriving myself.. being on strict diet because I am quite busy at home and I deserve to be eating delicious foods.. Haha.. However, I am 15 kilos heavier than my ideal weight and so I really need to lose some for my future.

If you have some suggestions on how I could start my weight loss journey, please let me know.

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