Wearing Mask at Home

There was a time last year when our government asked us to also wear mask at home. We were on total lockdown that time that even going out of the house is prohibited. Then, there is this command from them to wear mask. Home is the safest place that we could say is covid-free. Why do we still need to wear mask at home?

Never had I imagined that I will be wearing mask at home.. I just did, for almost 24 hours..

Last Friday, I decided to register for national ID.. It is now mandated here in the Philippines. There were two options to do this, first is through walk-in, second is through online appointment. The Home Owner’s Association of our subdivision asked us to enlist ourselves for this national ID. The government called me for the schedule, but for some reasons I was still treated as a walk-in. I went by myself because I wanted to check how it goes and what are the things needed. I brought two valid identification cards in case they need it. Because I was considered as walk-in, I waited outside of the office for almost two hours together with some people. It was hot and little windy that time.

Come Saturday, I felt like I will be having colds. It was nothing for me and so I took vitamin C. At home, I really wanted to have something to achieve for a day. I decided to cut the grass of our garden. It was quite high already. I did this after cleaning the house, cooking for the kids and washing the clothes.

I was so tired after I cut the grasses. I was not able to sleep well that Saturday night because my body is aching, my back and my arms.. Because of over-fatigue, I know I will be having flu.

Sunday is a rest day for us.. I had flu-vaccine reason why the flu was not that worse but I am having colds and my body is still aching. I searched for home service massage. I booked for an appointment in the afternoon for a Filipino traditional massage called “hilot”. The massage was a little painful but afterwards I felt better. However, I still have colds.. I sneezed a lot.

This is when I decided to wear mask. I took paracetamol and religiously taken it every 4 hours. It can be heard from my voice that I have flu. I wore this mask until the next morning.. Yes! I slept with the mask on because I am sleeping with my children.

There is nothing wrong with being safe. There is this saying, “better safe, than sorry”.

When I was still working, my company sometimes was sending me to Japan for meetings. A lot of people in the train station were wearing masks. There was still no covid that time. They just don’t want to spread virus or sickness to other people.

Nowadays, admit it or not, our top priority is our health. Without this, we cannot continue with our everyday lives.

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