Mirror Collage in the Living Room

While I was composing my last blog, I was also sending messages to my family (group chat) in facebook. My sister was asking my brother to accompany her on buying a television. I immediately volunteered myself to come with them as it is seldom that we get together. My father was also willing to come and he even told us that we would buy lunch for us. I was really craving for Japanese food that time and that became my request to my father.

My brother did not come with us because he is working for my father on a project in Tagaytay City. He needed to be there to work and look after the other workers.

So it was yesterday when we went together in the mall to buy my sister’s TV. I told them not to eat breakfast as the Japanese restaurant’s serving is quite big.

I got spicy ramen and pork donburi.. My father and I ate the same dishes.. My sister had the same also except for the rice meal. It was superb!! I was so satisfied. Really thankful to my father.

Since it was also seldom that I go to the mall, I also planned to buy the mirrors that I needed for my living room. This was part of the mood board that I made before we moved-in in this this house. I planned to make a mirror collage as the living room in the ground floor is quite small and I believe the mirrors will make it look bigger.

I measured the wall before I went to the mall to meet my father and sister, this is to calculate how many mirrors I needed to buy.

From the calculation, I learned that I needed 18 pcs of the mirrors. Since what I bought was buy 1 take 1, I just paid 9 pcs.

I started my project this morning, while I was washing our clothes..

I finished at 1 in the afternoon as I also prepared food for lunch. It was quite easy to put, I wrote the steps on making a mirror collage in my previous blog. You may want to check it out.

This is what it turned out to be. I am happy with it.. Little by little what I planned for my house decor is materialized.

At 2 in the afternoon today, I continued teaching my eldest daughter. We are finishing last lessons for Term 1. Some of her projects were already completed.

It’s really a nice feeling to fulfill something within a day. I think this is the aim of most of the housewives, to always be productive.

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