Finally! Outdoors with my Children

It has been more than a year that my children were just inside our house because of this pandemic. They sometimes go out of the house just to ride a bicycle, come with me when I buy groceries but they stayed inside the car with my mother. To fight boredom, I bought a portable pool so that they could imagine being outside swimming. I put a patio outside so that we could eat our snacks there in the afternoon, the ambience of being outside is there.

My children practically grew up spending time outside during weekends. When I was still working, my husband and I wanted to spend weekends with our children in the malls, play area, amusement parks, etc. I felt the longingness of my children to see other people and other environment during this pandemic.

Since I am a bit paranoid about this Delta Variant of Covid, it became so hard for me to even allow my children to go biking outside. However, I noticed that it somehow affects their behavior. The motivation of being enthusiastic about something was not there anymore.

I decided to check for places where my kids could explore freely.. A place (even if far) could assure a Covid free environment. Upon searching, I saw this little zoo near my hometown where less people come because it is not that popular. It is a vast land, full of flowers, butterflies and bees. There are ducks, geese, chicken and other animals too.

When I learned that it is safe for my children, I immediately asked my husband and he was okay with it. The next day, we packed our things and had a ride to the farm.

I packed extra face masks, clothes, drinking water, caps, tissues and alcohol.

My kids run freely in the farm. There was an entrance fee, to help maintain the farm. I can say that they enjoyed those moments. I didn’t mind the time as long as they are enjoying.

Different kinds of flowers and plants were there. My children were fascinated. They were running on the grass, checking on the flowers. We sat down on a bench and they were sitting down mesmerizing the beautiful garden.

There was a butterfly farm too where we saw different kinds of butterflies. Somebody explained to us the life cycle of a butterfly. My children listened attentively. They were amused to see the baby butterflies in person.

It was the first time my children had close encounter with the ducks and chicken. I think it was the first time my youngest saw a chicken reason why she was a little scared.

Ducks were roaming around, seemed to be used on mingling with people. My eldest daughter was astounded by the ducks willingly pose for a picture.. Haha..

It was memorable.. I conquered my fear to explore and give my children a chance to be away from home. I still need to be mindful reason why our next adventure would be more secluded. I need to search on that thoroughly.

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