Taking a Walk with my Daughter

It was a good weather today here in the Philippines.. It was a great day to walk. After the homeschool of my children, I asked my eldest daughter if we could walk around the village. She was hesitant because yesterday while my mom and my youngest daughter were walking around, they were attacked by a dog. Thankfully, nothing serious happened to them but it left a trauma to my children.

My eldest, though hesitant, still walked with me. I know she also wanted to be with me once in a while. Aside from homeschooling, nowadays, I am keeping my eyes more on my 4-year-old youngest daughter than my eldest. Walking with me and exchanging views are some of our favorite moments together.

As expected, there were lots of stray dogs around the village. I know they are not the ones who are attacking people, it is the ones who were caged inside the houses. We walked for at least an hour and on our entire trip, my daughter was holding my hands.

My daughter’s foot on the right..

So nice to be able to have moments like this with my eldest.. She is now as tall as me. Having some views that are quite interesting. Her sense of humor is the same as ours (mine & her father’s). She is missing her father so much. This is the longest time, we are far from each other.

I am trying to divert her attention by joking around her fear of dogs. Since we walked late in the afternoon, there are lots of people who were walking their dogs too and my child was so scared. She was laughing on how she was overreacting.

I decided to drop by a store and buy her soda and chips.

Though she is already 11 years old, she is still playful. I am cherishing her innocence and naivety. I allowed her to play around while we were walking.

It was already dinner time when we arrived at home.. My mom, grilled the marinated chicken that I prepared. We still have bean soup that was cooked during lunch time.

I hope this could be a habit of ours.. Soon, it will be together with my husband and my youngest kid.

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