Lessons on K-drama Series, Squid Game

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I just finished this Korean drama series called Squid Game as I always see it on top 1 in Netflix Philippines. I saw the preview and it is quite disturbing and so I was really not interested to watch it. However, for some reasons I became curious on watching it because my friends and family recommended it to me. Knowing that I am so scared to watch thriller movies, they still asked me to watch. Most of them told me that it is not a scary series, there’s nothing to be scared of. So I decided to watch it..

I got hooked for the past 3 nights because night time is the only time I could really concentrate on watching.. Haha.. It was an interesting series.. A lot of lessons about life.. a lot of take aways.

What are the lessons that I got from Squid Game?

This is not a spoiler post.. I just want to share with you what are the possible life lessons that you could realized from this drama series.

Money is the Root of Evil

Betrayals, fights, crimes, divorce, killings, etc.. Some people are puppet of money. Money is their master. They will do everything for money. You could think of anything worst that money can do, and it is happening.

Most of the time, fights amongst married people is because of money. How it is being spent, budgeted and divided is being questioned.

Money can manipulate a person by giving him comfort through gambling.. Until the person will be addicted and will do anything just to gamble. Betrayals amongst family members, betrayal to parents, children, spouses..

Money will not Give us Happiness

Rich and poor people have equal expenses. Lifestyle changes when someone becomes rich. There will never be satisfaction if a person will let money control his life.

A lot of celebrities seek psychiatric help because of mental illness caused by too much money. When someone is very rich, life becomes boring.

Happiness is seeking God and finding peace on Him.

Betrayals comes from People Close to us

People who experienced betrayal.. the most hurtful feeling that you could imagine.. never thought that it would be from someone they trusted the most. I can attest to that, because I too experienced it.. And it is also about money.

If you experienced the excruciating pain within because of betrayal, it would be really hard to trust again. That is why it is very important to have a greater relationship with God because if people will betray us, He will certainly be there for us.

Life is not a Game

Life is not a survival game.. We tend to take risks without planning or studying about it because we always think that life is to survive. In fact, we are all here to enjoy the life that is given to us. To worship the creator.

We don’t need to step on someone to be on top.. We don’t need to push someone to win.. We just need to live according to the purpose that God give us. It might be very simple but it is a process of committing ourselves to knowing God and asking about our purpose in this life.

Judging Others

As you progress on watching the series, you will realize that not all people who participated in the game are wasted. Sometimes, there are some circumstances in our lives that we cannot avoid. It gives us some desperate moves to survive.

Some tend to take advantage of someone’s weaknesses. This too happened in the series.

To sum up, I could say that it is worth the time to watch. The message is so powerful that we will be surprised that some instances happened to our lives. However, through this series we will be able to assess what could be done to avoid being drowned on money.

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