Homeschool Beginner

Last post was a little heavy because of the frustrations that I am feeling with the politics here in the Philippines amidst the pandemic. Please bear me on that.. I am trying to be positive each day because I have accepted this pandemic and the consequences that this brings. Acceptance on the dirt Philippine politics is something that is hard to swallow.

Anyway, on a lighter note, last week was a little busy for me because of the two houses that we bought for rentals. There are some things to repair and fortunately everything is settled. I was joggling the homeschooling of my kids and the repairs of the houses. It was a little challenging.. Thankfully, I was able to find some good people to repair the problems.

My 11-year-old daughter is learning to be independent on her studies. It is actually a work in progress because she knew that I am her facilitator and maybe she is thinking that there will be some considerations. However, I am strict on disciplining her in terms of studying and time management. It’s rewarding also to see improvements on how she handles her deadlines, activities and projects.

At the start of every week, I usually prepare the lessons that my daughter will have. Since we have weekly schedules, I am very firm on that. Even if I need to run errands, I see to it that she has something to do for school. Since it is homeschool, whatever it is that she needs to clarify is done at night.

However, I see to it that we focus on her schedule and everything will be based on that. I want us to be on track in terms of the curriculum that her homeschool provider gave us. So far… so good.

I am satisfied with my homeschool journey. I also explained to my daughter the things that she needs on the traditional school. She hasn’t had much experience on studying here in the Philippines as we were in Singapore till 2019. So I am preparing her for the face-to-face school.. We always have recitations, projects and other activities that would enhance her confidence on facing her classmates or teachers.

For me, my youngest homeschooling is more challenging. I experienced her to attend an online school however, I am also the one who was teaching her. I introduced her to letters and writing them. But her hands needs some exercise and she needs to really develop her motor skills. So I bought her slimes and sand to exercise her hands and fingers. She really enjoys it. Surprisingly, her writings also improved. I can say that these are effective.

This week I am focusing on my children’s school. After all, this is really our priority. Are you also homeschooling your children? How’s your homeschool journey so far?

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