Pandemic and Politics in the Philippines

This is the first time I will be saying something about the politics here in the Philippines. I was away in the Philippines for almost 9 years and when I came back I was surprised on what was going on here.

Road Construction

We arrived here in the Philippines, mid of 2019, I was so excited to go to my hometown in Tagaytay. There were lots of road construction going on that time until now… It is good to have improvements however the road that they were supposed to improve were so good still.

Cars were lined up on the road because some were blocked. I was a little surprised on how the politicians are so concern about the road construction here in the Philippines.. Nah…I just learnt that 2022 is the next election.

Too Much Fights

I used to watch news on youtube or facebook but nowadays it is really a nightmare to be watching one. So far, we are having 5 presidential candidates and we are still not certain if there will be more. A lot of fights all over the news.. graft and corruptions being exposed by oppositions. Administration fighting back on opposition by digging personal issues on them.

Former son of a dictator also longing to be a president.. Some playing victims.. some pretending to be innocent.

Corruption Expose

Oh my!! It’s really frustrating when you learnt that the corruption on Philippine’s health department is so rampant.. especially during these times, when people are fighting for their lives, queuing to be in the hospitals, longing to be vaccinated first. Our government, they said, took advantage of this moment to steal and milk on people who were desperate to live.

Isn’t it a disgrace?

It is still Pandemic!!!

Our politicians were fighting as if there is no existing pandemic.. as if the Philippines is already doing great fighting Covid. They are all saying what the government should do.. what the government lacks.. what the government stole.

The Department of Education pushing to have face to face classes on at least 120 schools for reason that I don’t understand. Children are still not vaccinated!

Source: DOH Philippines website

Daily cases increased tremendously. They are saying because of the Delta Variant.. some are saying because of the government.

I don’t know..

Wife of an Overseas Filipino Worker

For someone who has been waiting for a loved one to come back, but is now feeling hopeless because of what is happening here in the Philippines, this is really heartbreaking.

I am not the only one who is experiencing this.. I personally know a lot of people who are suffering also. One has an infant whom he did not see since birth.. Others have parents who died but was not able to go home..

As a wife of an overseas filipino worker, I just accepted the fact that the politicians here are merely thinking about themselves and how they can stay in their position. I need to accept that this situation will take a long time. That is the only thing to do.. ACCEPTANCE.

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