Be Vaccinated

Last Tuesday, I had my second dose of Astrazenica vaccine (one of the vaccines against Covid-19). I must admit that I was quite uneasy about having my second dose because of what I experienced after my first jab. I had a lot of vaccines already since I also worked as a seafarer before, but I haven’t encountered this kind of pain from vaccine.

During my first jab, we were asked to take paracetamol after. However, I did not do it and so the feeling was quite heavy during that time.. So last Tuesday, after the shot, I immediately took a paracetamol and religiously took it every 4 hours. Surprisingly, I did not really feel what I felt the first time.. I just slept a lot. Now I am okay.

Scared to be Vaccinated

For the past weeks, I was quite busy with our other house that we would for lease. I ordered a screen door, protection for insects. It was installed today by the owner of the shop and his helper. So they were asking me about my experience about the vaccination.

From their questions, I figured out that they are not vaccinated yet. The owner of the shop is quite old already, I suppose he is already at his 60’s and the helper maybe on his late 40’s. They admitted that they were scared to be vaccinated.. This is due to some bad news from their colleagues after the vaccination. They were so hesitant to do it.

Our government here in our town is very organized in terms of the vaccination process. We just need to fill up a form, then submit, then the government will send us message on when we will have the vaccine.

Common Denominator

I read an open letter from a doctor about the current situation now in their hospital. There are a lot of Covid patients and one thing is common amongst them… They are not vaccinated.

They said that people who are vaccinated are super spreaders. I believe that, because you would not know if they have the virus.. because they are asymptomatic.

Vaccine do not guarantee that you will not have Covid-19 but it guarantees that that if you will have Covid it will not be severe or critical.

Expensive Hospitalization

My father visited us last weekend and told us some news about our relatives who had Covid-19. His cousin and her parents paid 1.5 million pesos (30,000 USD). His other cousin who was in the hospital that time was already spending 500,000 pesos (10,000 USD). Health insurance for elders here is not common. It is not required.

It is fortunate also that there are vacant rooms in the hospital.. Nowadays, they are saying that some hospitals are in full capacity already.

Vaccinated Great Grandfather

My great grand father who is 87 years old completed his vaccination last August. He is not even going out but he is cautious.

I admire his desire of being vaccinated. There was no hesitations in his part.

All of these, I have told to the two people I met today who are very hesitant to take the vaccine. They left me very eager to give it a shot. For the love of their families, they should do it. They were the ones who are going out because of their job. They mingle with different people.

I said they should anticipate the pain, they should accept that there will be side effect afterwards. It is expected to be 2 weeks, they just need to accept it. Our thoughts sometimes are so powerful that it could even affect our heart and our whole body. Worrying would not help us.. Vaccines are carefully studied and disseminated. I told them, “be vaccinated”.

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