Social Media Time-Out

I had a good friend whom I haven’t spoken for months now because he had a social media time-out due to his health condition. I noticed it few months back but I did not have a chance to look for him. I was wondering why it is sudden that he left social media.

This is not the first time that I experienced this, I mean having a friend whom took a pause on social media. I had one who is now in the US, my former at work. She was not active in her social media for a few months and little did I know that she suffered from anxieties.

Last week, I was also checking out on one of my friends who was very active on Facebook but suddenly deactivated her account. When I encounter this, I always say a prayer to them because for some reasons I know that there is something wrong.

Social media is a platform where we share our happiness to others. This is what I am believe in.. Be it superficial or genuine, we are trying to show people the joy that we have in our lives. However, what if there is a crevice of heartache? It’s hard to pretend that we are okay.. We need to fix that crevice first before showing to people our smile, our interests and reasons why we are happy.

My experience

2019 was a devastating year for me.. It was my lowest, as far as my existence here on earth is concerned. I experienced a pain where I never thought I could be experiencing. I did a lot of prayers, I asked my loved ones to pray for me.. It was a difficult journey.

I deactivated my Facebook for more than three months. It somehow helped with my healing. People might be wondering what happened to me. I cannot just post something there to portray that I am okay. It is hard.

I always want to inspire people. I may not be perfect but I want people to remember me as a person whom they look up to whenever they need a smile or comfort. I needed to figure out first how I could heal the wounds that I had in my heart. The lockdown helped me a lot.. (please don’t get me wrong.)

The three months of lockdown being away from family, having only my kids with me was very liberating. Ironically, this is what I felt. I had a lot of time meditating.. a lot of devotions. Being away from social media was an experience of the reality. I experienced being 100% with my kids. I experienced being there for myself.

Oh my, the journey healed me.


Social media is a great help when you seek an inspiration or an influencer. However, it wouldn’t be effective if our hearts are in pain. We will just end up being irritated on what people post.

I believe that a pause on social media is a time for healing. A lot did not come back anymore and they are okay with it.

Happiness without social media

We are in the era when we wanted to inspire people.. Social media is one of the avenues for this. People might find their happiness by posting good things about themselves. This boosts their self confidence and self worth.

Some people see social media as a venue of envy. On the contrary, it made them feel worthless. It made them feel hatred to people who are trying to inspire.

I think what we need to seek are peace and joy on everything that we do. Will this give me peace of mind? Will this give me a good night sleep?

We are all different.. What’s the point of doing something that could make you feel devastated?

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