Lessons on Gardening

I have been busy for the last few days because the weather here is quite good and I just noticed some of our plants are not in good condition.. Haha. I mentioned on my previous blogs that I am a newbie in terms of gardening. Oh my, I thought it is only to dig a hole, put the plant and watering it everyday. I did not know that certain plants have some rules on how to care of it.

Just look at this papaya tree. This was so healthy before, I could harvest papaya this month but suddenly it became like this. I thought it is because of the weather that is why it became ill. But the other papaya trees are still standing. Hmmmm… I put fertilizer and observed for a day. There was no improvement, it just died. I searched about papaya trees and I just learnt that these are sensitive plants. It should not be beside any other plants.

When I pulled the tree, I noticed the roots were twisted on the roots of the onions. I think that is the main reason why the papaya tree died.

I also planted tomatoes.. When I saw it becoming a little bigger, I put fertilizer.. Voila! It died. Nah, lesson learnt. I need to plant again.

I also noticed our bougainvillea plants have grown already and I don’t know how to manage it anymore.

There were no flowers anymore. It was just all around growing like an unmanageable hair. Haha.. I again checked what I need to do with these plants. I decided to put those in pots. I think I could manage them well now.

I bought some plants to replace those. It was tiring to pull those bougainvillea. I first dug a little then pull them.

I replaced those with plants that could withstand hot and rainy weathers.

They said these are also good insect repellants.

I did not took photos of the bougainvillea. If I succeeded on taking good care of those, I will show those to you.

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