PANDEMIC, a Test of Long Distance Relationship

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 12th year wedding anniversary. This is the 2nd time, we celebrated it far from each other. The main reason is… PANDEMIC.

If you’ve been reading my blogs, I mentioned quite a few times that my husband is working in Singapore, while me and my kids are here in the Philippines. It became difficult for my husband to go home because Singapore is very strict to the people who are coming in their country. My husband has to pay a lot for the hotel stay and test. He also needs to have an approval from his company and from the government of Singapore.. It was tough.. very tough. He needs to stay there.

Being away from each other was tougher. This is actually the first time that we were away from each other for this long. People who haven’t experienced this would say that it is really difficult but if you don’t have choice, acceptance is the only solution. We accepted this scenario, this is something that we cannot control.

It has been 1 year and 5 months that we haven’t seen each other in person. I felt blessed because this situation came into our lives when we are already matured and secured in our relationship. I must admit that the notion of a married couple being away from each other is a little scary because relationship could be tested.

This pandemic made us realized how much we love and value each other. There were no days that we don’t speak and there are no hour that we don’t send message to each other. The love that we have for each other, and the faith that we have make us feel secured.

I met quite a few people who were in a long distance relationship but ended up separating because of temptations (maybe) or how their relationship was tested. I thought it is normal to happen for couple who are not together, not until we experienced it. The myth is not true.

Constant communication, honesty and security, for me, are the main keys to survive this long distance relationship. Sometimes, people would say that if you really love your spouse, you would not dive in a forbidden relationship. However, I think it is the commitment to be honest to your spouse is what makes a relationship succeed.


Being secure is not only about your relationship but on the factors that affect your relationship.. What do I mean about this? I believe that my husband is not worrying on how I manage our finances, how I take care of our household, how I discipline our children.. He values me. He is secure that I could handle the responsibilities here in the Philippines. Disappointment is the least that he wants me to feel. This is also what’s in my heart. I value him.. the sacrifices that he is doing to our family, so I would never disappoint him.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary full of hope about what’s next for us. Gratefulness is overflowing in our hearts because in spite of this crisis, blessings come and we are healthy. Home is not a building, it is a feeling of being with the people you love and cherish. We always think of home, though we are far from each other.. We never left home. We are still together.

Our relationship has been tested but we cling to God.. we hold on to His promise that this too shall pass.

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