How our Cats remove our stress

Sometimes when we are at home, we tend to think that we have a lot of time to spend with all the tasks in our head. However, the time is so quick, and the day ends up not finishing all the tasks.

With all the things that I have done for the past few days, the main tasks that I wanted to do, gardening and arranging the stock room, are not done. I still prioritize the preparation of my children’s homeschool, everyday responsibilities of cooking, cleaning the house and taking care of my 4-year-old kid.

I know I will be busy for the next months due to my children’s homeschooling. I got some projects in my head that I wanted to do.. We have a new house that I need to do some preparation for rentals.

Nah, may blog sounded like I am complaining.. Haha.. Please don’t get me wrong.. I am enjoying. Part of my enjoyment are my two cats.

Just sleeping & staring

My mom is here with us now. She helps me with other house chores and I am so grateful for that. We used to have cats when we were young but those are somehow stray cats. They did not stay in our house. However, our two cats now stay at home. They have their litter box where the poop and pee. My mom is not use to that.

She was saying that our cats are not doing much for us.. They are always sleeping and staring at us.

I told her that our cats are the reasons why my eldest daughter is not palpitating anymore. We went to the doctor and after couple of visits and laboratory tests, the doctor did not find any fault in her heart nor in her throat. I suspected that it had something to do with the violent games she played in her phone. She learnt from it and she’s not playing that anymore.

The cats are the ones who comforted her. Our cats are so clingy.. They are not sleeping with us but every morning, they are outside our door waiting for my daughter to come out.. for cuddles.

I too experience the warmth of the cats, how they are sent by God to comfort us. Sometimes, when I am tired in the afternoon and lying down, our cats will jump on the bed and cuddle me.

This is Pink.

Makes you feel important

When they need cuddles, they will ask for it. Asking as if they cannot continue the day without your cuddles. Blue, my other cat, usually is with me during breakfast. He is not asking for cuddles but he just knew that I needed someone to be with.

This is Blue.

They know you

When I am upset to my kids, I can see from my cats eyes that they too are scared. They don’t come near to me.. When I am not angry anymore, they will come to me and talk to me. I don’t know how they knew that I needed someone to be with.

They know my daughters, when they are eager to play them, when they can be irritating.

They are not pushy.

These pets are God’s gift to us. They comfort us and give us strength to go on with our day.

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