How To Survive Lockdown

My daughters’ cousins are now here at home. I fetched them in their homes as my children are very bored now because they are hooked on either TV, computer or phone. I am allowing them because I am very strict when there are classes already.

Our province is under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ), nothing much changed on the rules before. We’ve been staying at home since last year.. Just going out of the house when badly needed. Nah, can you imagine how we are surviving?

Nevertheless, we are still grateful that we are all healthy here, there are foods on the table and a home to stay in. The best way to survive this quarantine is being grateful.

It has been tough actually.. The progress on the vaccination process is not that fast. Here in the Philippines, some people are scared of being vaccinated. Not sure why some are spreading fake news on social medias about how harmful it is to be vaccinated.. Sadly, people believe on fake news than the real professionals.

My husband is away from us for more than a year also.. If I will just sit down to wait, it will be exhausting. Busyness is the key. I still don’t want to rush the day.. I still want to cherish it. Faith is what keeps me going.. Someday.. yes someday.. My husband will be home. My husband will always tell me to keep on fighting. Enjoy the day and this too shall pass.


I have been admitting on my some of my blogs that I am new in this field. I was so happy to be able to grow roses and rare plants (which I don’t know the names).. Haha.. I have a small vegetable garden too. I didn’t know that gardening is somehow complicated as I need to know the needs of each plant. In the past few days, I have been noticing my papaya tree dying. Today, I think I lost it already.

I searched why it died and apparently papaya trees are somehow choosy on what plant would be beside them. And as you could see in the photo, it is beside onion plants. When I pulled the papaya tree, one of its roots was coiled by the onion roots. One lesson that I learned today.. Good thing, I still have two more papaya trees.

I bought some plants also to replace the ones in the front of our house. I will let you see that on my next blogs. This will make me busy in the coming days.

Home Improvement

We are relatively new in this house and so there are lots of things to improve. My next project would be my eldest daughter’s room. We will have our lessons there and I want my daughter to feel comfortable in her room. She is still sleeping with my and my youngest daughter.

I got a lot of projects here at home already. It kept me occupied for months. It was fulfilling.

Home Schooling

The lessons of my daughter will be starting next week. I am quite excited on this venture because, we will not be hiring a teacher for her. Last school year, I was the one who taught Math, PE, Music, Religion and IT, the rest was taught by a teacher. This time, I will dedicate my time teaching my daughter.

I am planning to be strict with my schedule. I should admit last year was a little laid back. I mean this is on myself. I need to start focusing on waking up early and fixing my mind on my children’s homeschooling.

Quality Time with Kids

Sometimes when I am telling my husband about my frustrations, he will just tell me to look at my daughters. Yeah.. I have been busy trying to occupy myself but I am not really having quality time with my kids. Since we have a little patio at home, I always asked my daughters to join me during my afternoon tea time. We usually talk, share insights, crack jokes..

At night, if I am not that tired, we watch movie or again talk about what happened during the day.


I love to cook.. I always make it a point that my kids could eat delicious and healthy dishes… Delicious? (Not sure about this, but that’s what my kids usually say). I spend time cooking. I am not into frying or preparing simple dishes. I make time to cook. Sometimes, my mom would laugh at me because of how I am preparing our meal. It is as though we will be having an important visitor.

I want my kids to remember our home where they can eat delicious meal. I want them to really say that there is no place like home.


Writing gives me joy.. The thought of me, expressing myself to someone, makes me happy. Sometimes, when I am feeling down, I will turn on my laptop and start writing.

I got some followers now. I am hoping they are genuinely reading my blogs. I wanted to share to others how we are living here in this part of the world. I am also curious about other countries, maybe they also want to know about ours.

Sometimes, moms like me have the same experiences and predicaments. Being able to share my thoughts and learnings is rewarding.

Devotion and Meditation

Every morning is a meditation and devotion time for me. I am doing this before I go out of our room. This keeps me going. Starting the day right by feeding my soul with the right words from God. I got a lot of questions to Him, though I still cannot find the answers, God still comforts me. He will just whisper and say, “don’t worry child, I am always beside you”.

I also have some reminders of the things that I needed to do. Apart from the chores I have at home, I still have some errands.

Other parts of the world are now enjoying the new normal. They can freely go to other places and explore. However, here in the Philippines, improvement is slow-moving. Not sure when we could see some development. But even it is slow progress, at least it is progressing. (wink!)

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