How this Pandemic affects me

These past few days have been tormenting for me.. For some reasons it is only now that I am very much affected by this Covid-19. A lot of news about people who died because of Covid. But last week was different, I know the people who died. Some were parents of my ex colleague at work, the father died then after few days the mother was next. Professor from college also died, then eventually her brother.

When there was lockdown last year, I was also affected but it was not that hard because for the first time in my life, I could say that last year’s lockdown was when I really rested. I rested my mind. It was really stress-free. My children are with me.. We were alone in a house. I figured out that time, how I could buy groceries. We did want we want to do. We were enjoying. No one was calling me for anything..

I was bombarded with thoughts of what I wanted for my life. I know I should not worry but the reality bit me. This is the time when I should prioritize my health, not just physically but mentally. I always wanted to escape on the reality of the situation here in the Philippines. However, we do not have choice. With that, I need to always choose peace. What are the decisions that will give me peace..

For the longest time, I was always making decisions based on what my family wanted. This time, my husband and I decided to make decisions based on what is good for the four of us. We are still praying for what God wanted for us.. However, we still stick on deciding based on what could give us peace.

Life is very short.. Life should be lived righteously.

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