Why I stopped Drinking Coffee

How was your weekend? The weather is quite good here in the Philippines, we were able to do the tasks that we are suppose to do. Haha.. My brother and his wife were here. He was here for us to repair the roof of our other house.

Even if my brother would not tell it, I know that he loves to spent time with me (assuming! Haha). He is a seafarer and he just came back from the ship. Now, he is having his vacation. It’s good that he is always available especially now that I need him with some issues on the roof of our other house.

We spent our Sunday full of fellowship. Some had wine and did a lot of chit-chats. He got married last year and so we talked about his childhood and let his wife know what he was like before. Last night was full of laughter, teasing my brother of how childish he was. I felt a little tipsy though as I haven’t drunk that much for a long time.

I have two siblings and my other sibling is living quite far from our home. She and her daughter are now sick that is why they cannot come to our house. If she was here yesterday, it would be hilarious. For sure, my brother would ask us to stop talking as we might spill a lot of beans to his wife. Haha..

So today, I did a lot of cleaning in our house. I was quite busy the whole week with online selling. I am also preparing for some materials for my youngest daughter “school”. I want her to spend the week having something she learnt.

Just to share:

While writing this blog, I am having my ginger tea. I always drink this in the afternoon and at night. A habit that my husband and I share. I was once a coffee drinker, especially when we were new in Singapore, however, I got some palpitations and heart burn. I stopped drinking coffee for a while, then shifted to the instant coffee with sugar and milk.

As I mentioned on my previous blog, I once worked in Singapore before I became a homemaker. We decided to come back here in the Philippines as I cannot take the stress working there in Singapore. Anyway, just want to share with you that when I was there in Singapore, unknowingly, I was finishing 4 cups of coffee in the morning (before lunch). After lunch, a lot of cups of coffee again.

One day, while I was working, around 10 in the morning, I hurriedly went to the toilet for some reasons that I don’t know. The toilet was quite far from our workstation and while I was walking I can feel the my heartbeat. It was really fast. I went to my boss and just stared at him. I don’t know why.

I think this happened in the year 2016, I just realized the amount of coffee that I was taking. I cannot blame myself because Singapore’s coffee is superb. The way they are preparing it is so unique.

I just need to stop. I experimented with a some teas like chamomile, black, green, ginger and moringa. We have a moringa tree and so I decided to make the leaves into tea.

The tea is good. I love drinking it especially if I know that it is 100% natural. I just need to have some improvements on how I prepared it. When it will be sunny, I will dry some leaves again for tea.

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