Saturday well Spent

First of all, I would like to share with you the joy that I have now in my heart because I reached 1000+ views in this blog. I love writing and sharing my insights to people reason why I decided to finally create a blog. Since end of 2019, I finished three notebooks filled with my thoughts and devotions. This is really therapeutic. It eases my anxieties and makes me stay on the “now”. If you are one of the subscribers of this blog, I hope you find it entertaining and useful (maybe! haha).

This news that I got from wordpress made my day.. My feelings this morning though was a bit under the weather. I got frustrated with the carpenter who was supposed to repair the roof of our other house where somebody is renting. I paid this man twice already. He did a bit of the repair, but then the water drops became worst. And he did not manage to come back there and repair again.

Fortunately, it did not rain today and I decided to ask the help of my brother. He will be available tomorrow for it. And because I was not really in the mood today, I asked my brother if we could go to their newly renovated house.

He was delighted to know that we will go there together with my children. My mom was also with me. I told him around 9 in the morning, we packed and went there at 11. My brother already cooked “caldereta” (pork with minced liver, carrots, potatoes, cheese & tomato sauce) and also “palabok” (noodles). Oh, I was so hungry when we reached there.. my smile was literally from ear to ear. The bad mood that I had just washed away.

It was frustrating because I always give my trust to people fully. I never thought that there are really those kind of people who will neglect their responsibilities when they already received money. My brother and his wife told me that this is really common. Oh my! As if I was born yesterday. Lesson learnt for me.

Anyway, it was good that we had some chitchats about life and what are the things we could do together. My sister-in-law is also into business and so we had some discussion on how we could collaborate. I need to admit that I will be busy for the coming months because I am homeschooling my two kids.

My mom though was so happy to see the plants that my sister-in-law’s mother have.

A lot of Aloe Vera plants

We took some baby plants there. Then bought 2 sacks of loam soil to plant those in our garden.

The cats of my sister-in-law grew so fast too. She was the one who influenced me to take care of cats. She has 1 munchkin cat and 3 persian cats.

So adorable Grey

It’s good to have siblings to talk to whenever you feel down. My siblings do the same whenever they are not fine. Sometimes, I can easily feel if something is wrong.

Days are not perfect. Sometimes it will not really go according to our plans. Last night my husband already told me to just don’t mind about this carpenter and think that what we gave him is just a part of our blessings. I hope it helped him.

Life is good and I just need to be cautious of how I would give my trust to people. I am so naive and I should not be like this at this age. Haha. The bad mood that I had did not last for an hour. Thankful mentality still won in my mind and heart.

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