Another rainy day

Just as we thought that the rain will continually stop, it was just resting. June is the beginning of the rainy season here in the Philippines. From then on, the weather will be unpredictable already. Typhoons coming are normal happenings already. Reason why, majority of the Filipinos know already what are the things to prepare during this season.

I walked through our garden and saw some of our plants were ruined by the heavy rains. I was so eager to work on it but the rain comes occasionally. I actually don’t know what that plant (the one in the picture) is for, it was just given to me by my neighbor. I just decided to pull those and plant tomatoes instead. I would also pull the spinach out, I am still thinking of what vegetable plant to replace.

It rained the whole day yesterday, until the power was cut off. We just finished our dinner when it happened. I was checking on my kids’ reaction because it is very rare that they experience brownout. I was expecting my youngest daughter to be scared but surprisingly, she was enjoying the darkness. The candles were easy to reach as well as the lighter. So, we had lights in an instant.

For some reasons, my eldest daughter thought of reading her books. She brought all her books downstairs for her to read. (Thank you brownout!)

While everyone was enjoying the brownout, I immediately fill the water containers as there might be water shortage. Since there is still water, I grabbed the opportunity to fill the containers.

Took this photo when there is already electricity

I was expecting the worst already, not having electricity for days, but surprisingly, it only lasted for 2 hours. Kids were very happy to blow the candles when the electricity was back. Something that we also enjoyed when were kids.

Today’s weather is still the same. Raining occasionally, we don’t have choice but to stay inside the house. I thought of doing live selling online. I still have some stocks of the clothes that I am selling. Fortunately, I managed to sell some. It’s nice to be always productive.

Hopefully, there will be sun tomorrow so that I could plant the tomatoes.

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