Earthquake and rain in the Philippines

It has been a wet week here in the Philippines, particularly here in Luzon. Well, the rain literally paused because we haven’t seen the sun for the whole week, however, today, the sun shone brightly.

I forgot to share with you guys what happened 2 days ago. There was a strong earthquake here in the Southern part of Luzon. I was awaken by the shaking of our bed last Saturday morning, around 4:50am. It was really strong and again I panicked.. I checked the dining room as we have hanging lights there and the fixtures were really moving. I shouted at my daughters to wake them up, and thought of putting them under the table. My mom was upstairs also, and I shouted really loud for her to come down.

I was being optimistic about our new house not to be destroyed so easily by the earthquake.. And then there was an aftershock. My thoughts were on my father and my siblings who were not with us. I sent them messages asking if they were okay. We all waited of what could happen next. There was no aftershock anymore and so I asked my daughter to sleep.

My prayers that time are for the people who are greatly affected by the floods because of constant rain and also by this strong earthquake.

Everything was okay with my family. My sister though got dizzy as she was sick during that time.

The rain continued until yesterday. I grabbed the opportunity to sew some pillow cases. The main cases of our throw pillows were broken and so I made replacements by using an old bedsheet.

This is my first time to actually make a pillow case from scratch.

This is the “cotton” of the pillow without the case
Successfully sewed 3 of these
Throw pillows with the proper cases

During the week also, I made this facebook page for my new side job (should I say).. I applied to be a part time agent of a real estate company. I was accepted, though there was no commitments, I just needed to post videos and do marketing stuffs on the facebook page. I will share with you more of this on my next blogs.

I also cleaned the house thoroughly. I felt that the house needed my extensive cleaning because of our cats..

Today, I woke up with the sound of the children playing outside.. Apparently, my neighbors woke up so early maybe because there was no rain anymore. I bet a lot of stay at home moms washed clothes today. I had a week of clothes to wash and I was so glad I did it. I still hung it on the covered part of our house because it was still drizzling.

My children was able to walk and play their scooter outside as well..

Life is really unpredictable.. I bought a retractable tent last week to cover our chairs and table outside because of the hotness in that area, then the next day, it rained.

Either it rains or shine, life must go on. It shouldn’t stop, we should still move forward.

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