Is it okay to act okay if you are not okay?

Is it okay to act okay if you are not okay?

When I had my first anxiety attack last 2019, I was not really anticipating it because I was not aware that I worry too much. So when I woke up that morning and I cannot breathe, I got panic and I informed my husband immediately about it.

After that, there were still episodes of the anxiety attacks and I just need to tell it to my loved ones.

I had known that one of my loved ones (whom you would not imagine) had been betraying me for a long time, and it made my attacks so frequent. Some, I am not even saying to my husband because I eventually knew how to handle it.

A lot of crying, sleepless nights, questioning, during those times.. This was early of 2020..

Because I suffered from that for over a year, I managed to fight for it. I did not keep it nor hide it from my husband or my loved ones. They knew I was going through something. But, I searched and searched of how I can be okay.

I don’t want to pretend that I am well, because I don’t want to make my situation worst. This is something that I needed to do to heal.

That is why when I feel like I cannot breathe because of constant thinking.. I usually inform my parents about it. Though I don’t want to disturb my husband, I just need to tell it to him too.

If you open yourself to people and show that you are not okay.. HELP will come. Yes, some people will say that oh, you just need to shift your mind by thinking of something else. Well, I hope it is that easy. That is the reason why you have to tell your loved ones that you need them to listen to you. Because sharing what you have in your mind, releases the anxieties. Know the people who genuinely love you.

This is based on my personal experience. I fought on how to deal with this and I now knew how to handle it.

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