Simple Joys of a Stay at Home Mom

Since last Wednesday, I was occupied by a lot of things as my parents and siblings were here to celebrate my younger brother’s birthday. The celebration was not really ordinary, like blowing cakes and a lot of foods. It was a two day celebration of eating together, drinking wines, chatting and a lot fellowships. It’s good to be together once in a while, especially now that we are stuck at home.

Whenever my father and brother are here at home, I always take advantage of their time and strength (haha!) to help me with the tasks that I cannot really do. One of which is the clothes line at the back of our house. Rainy days have started here in the Philippines and my goal of putting the clothes line is already long overdue. Good thing I have them to help me.

This is not only what they did at home, my father trimmed the grass and the plants. My brother cooked our meals. He is a good cook. While my sister, took care of my kids.. Haha.

While they are doing those, I arranged stuffs at our backyard and the drawers in our rooms. Things that I cannot really do when I am busy cooking and taking care of my kids.


That is only one of those, some of the drawers, I also arranged. So nice to look at now. Today (Friday), they came back to their respective houses. At least I was able to accomplish a lot of things while they were here.

Our government allowed kids to go out of the house to play or go to neighborhood. But of course with the masks on. Since my eldest daughter had been asking me to eat quesadillas, in which a restaurant here nearby prepares, I decided for us to have snacks there. It’s a very cute restaurant built near the house of the owner. It’s a cozy place to stay in. There are lots of plants there, different varieties and well taken cared of.

I think this plant is a rose. It looks so artificial but it is real.
There are two couches there. My children enjoyed sitting there while eating.
A picture while waiting for the orders.

They enjoyed the food and the ambiance of the place. My youngest daughter was even lying down on the couch. I asked her not to do that.. Haha. No one was there but us.

Seeing my loved ones happy is something that I am very grateful for. I am still waiting for my husband though as he is still in Singapore waiting for a chance for him to go home.

I have a faith and that faith gives me strength to move on with my life while waiting for my husband. I still feel blessed because my husband talks every now and then..

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