Weekend Adventure

Two weeks ago, my father and my siblings went to an “abandoned” farm that my father always asked us to visit. It is owned by my grandfather, which was not maintained because my he is already old. Since, my father has only one sibling, it is expected that it would be given to them.

My siblings and I decided to finally visit the farm because my father was very excited for us to experience being there.

My grandparents were farmers and they earned a lot by farming. They managed to buy properties and give my father and his sibling good education. However, it was not a walk in a park experience, my grandparents were not rich, they were very hardworking people. We are so grateful for their sacrifices.

So, when we finally set a date for the visit, my father was so excited. We set a “picnic” lunch party there. My father said he would cooked our favorite, chicken feet with coconut milk (doesn’t sound nice, but it is really good).

On that day, my sister together with her daughter, went first. We were expecting that it was really abandoned.. There are more bushes than the actual “good” plants there. We waited for our father to arrive before we went inside the “jungle”.. haha..

So we entered into a small passageway, then begun our adventure walking through the bushes. I was really scared because the probability of us encountering a snake was so huge. The first big tree that my father showed us was the jackfruit tree. My father said, that tree probably is already 40 years old. He was asking us if we want to cut the tree to make doors or tables. Something that I am now thinking about. Hmmm..

It was really difficult to pass through the bushes, but my father wanted us to see the area of the farm. I haven’t had this kind of stretching for a long time.. Haha. Before we went there, my father asked us to wear long sleeves, pants and rubbershoes, so that we would be ready for the adventure.

We stopped in the middle of the jungle where a huge pili tree is located. My father told us that we will have our lunch there.. So, we waited for my brother and his wife there. While waiting, we cleaned the area where we are going to eat. I looked for banana leaves around and spread over the ground. My sister removed the leaves on the ground so that it would become tidier.

This is what it looks like

It was so hard to locate our position and so my father fetched my brother and his wife.

I brought pinakbet (vegetables with shrimp paste) and my brother brought Jollibee chicken (yummy!). We had a very nice bonding there and I think my father was happy to see us together.

I thought of getting tree branches to make fence for my small vegetable garden at home. I asked my brother and father if they could help me get those. So, when we went back to the car, we had a lot of things to carry.

The project that I had this weekend was to put fence on my garden. Thanks to our adventure, I was able to beautify my small vegetable garden.

We will definitely be back on the farm. Hopefully we could spend more time to clean it as there are a lot of potentials on that property.

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