Homeschool Grades

I got a note yesterday from the Home Education Provider of my daughter that her grades are ready to be picked up in their facility today. Since, it is seldom that I will go out, I make sure that the errands that I need to do will be done.

One of the reasons why I choose to do errands when I go out of the house is because I somehow feel guilty that I will leave my kids behind.. Though my mom is here but I have this feeling that my kids also need to go out. They haven’t been gone to any places, like restaurants or malls for one and a half years now. My kids are really fond of going out and spending weekend afternoons on leisure places. Now, what they can do at most is to ride the bicycle here in our village (with the masks on).

Praying that this will end. Someday, we will just look back on this like it is a nightmare. Something that we will talk about on the future generations.

Anyway, so I prepared early as I need to go to my daughter’s school then go to our car’s insurance provider.

Homeschool Grades

Some of my friends and acquaintances on facebook posted their children’s grades. I must admit those were really high. I am not against it, I mean, of course you will be very proud if your child had good grades. Especially when you saw how diligent she was during the school year.

My daughter’s grades are not that high compared to the people I know in facebook. One, because her school has a different grading system, the school adapted the grading system in UK. Second, because that was the result of her work…

I always wanted my child to be independent. Though, I am her teacher but I see to it that I am not spoon-feeding her when she’s studying. When we sit down to study, I am giving her the ample time for her to think and ask questions. After that, homeworks and seatworks should be done by her alone. Questions should be done only during school hours. The grades were just forwarded to the provider. If it was low, I will just talk to my daughter about it so that she could improve.

My husband and I are really not particular in grades. I mean, as long as our kids are enjoying school, studying hard and learning genuinely, those are enough for us.

Though, I am pushing my children to study hard, but I know their strengths and the subjects that they are having difficulty. As long as I know that they did what they can do, I am okay with it.

Time for Studying

There is always time for everything. June and July are the school vacation of my kids. During these months, I let them do what they want to do.. Play, paint, draw, play video games, read, whatever.. Of course, they should also help me with the house chores, this is part of their discipline.

The time for studying should be followed. During school days, there are limited times for phones, ipad or TV. Weekends are the exemptions. My eldest daughter should know her homeworks and projects, what to do and when she needs to submit it.

I always remind my daughter that we cannot turn back the time. So, if it is the time for studying, she should study.

I know some people who had regrets on why they did not study hard. It is not about the grades, but skills and discipline that studying provides. They will say, “I hope I study hard before, maybe I will be better than what I am now”. Though, studying is for all ages, however younger people have more luxury of time, because studying is what they need to do. I mean, especially for those who have parents that provide everything just for them to study.

Better to study when it is time to study.

Improve my Daughter’s Grades

The only way to improve the grades of my daughter is to teach her well. I have the same teaching approach in all the subjects. If most of her grades are low, it would be my fault, because my teaching method is not effective. However, her grades are quite high on most of the subjects and so I believe, she is okay with how I am teaching her.

My forte is mathematics because I am an engineer, and so I have high expectations on my daughter’s math grades. However, she is on the average, sometimes her quizzes are low. But I know that she studied and she understood the lessons well. Sometimes, the fault is carelessness. That is something that I am working on about her.

So this how I am improving my daughter’s grade. I don’t do homeworks or projects for her. I am just coaching her.

At the end of the day, it is always the wisdom, skills and discipline that matter most. These are the traits that they could have when they are diligent in their studies.

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