Not All Days are Good

I was anticipating this Monday because last weekend was a nightmare here at home. There was a huge leak in the pipeline on the road adjacent to our house. Our water is running low.

I noticed it last Friday night and when I was about to report it last Saturday, the maintenance team were already there. They did some drilling, finding where the fault is, then stopped and said that they will come back today.

This is what the maintenance team did last Saturday.

There were three people who did the drilling, then came back today with no other improvements. It is really frustrating. I went to the office of our subdivision and filed a complaint. I also sent an email to the main office.

This will remind us that not all the days are good. There will always be a bad day. A day that would really test our patience. Maybe because the expectations were not met.

Well, I was really expecting that we will enjoy the water today. I will be able to wash the blankets tomorrow. Plans about what I will do when water is already okay.

I am still grateful because at least we still have water. Though, it is few but at least we could take a bath and cook. The rain is pouring every night and so the plants are watered still.

Lesson learnt… Don’t expect but do something.

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