Painting the House is a Skill

One of the most anticipated projects at home that I would want to do is to paint.. I was always thrilled to paint the house or any furniture. I became fascinated with painting because I used to watch this contest about designing the house, I watched this on netflix, it is a UK show. It’s very motivating to design and decorate the house because of this how.

Since I already have a chance, the first painting project that I had was to paint our existing table.. I have this vision of making it full white, and then partnered with chairs in gray and white. I did this for a day, I was really tired that time. However, our cats kept on stepping on it, then the painting were ruined. I don’t know how to fix it. So, I just put a wallpaper on it and made it looked like a table made out of a marble stone.

It’s really frustrating because I spent a lot of time doing that..

I did not give up on painting.. when our stairs had some scratches when we moved the couches upstairs, I was so excited to paint again. I got some ideas from pinterest.

This was our stairs before I painted it.. There’s more steps further up.
This is the color that I wanted.. I got the idea from pinterest.

So, I asked my mom if she could take care of my kids while I paint the stairs. Oh my! You can’t imagine how tedious it was doing the painting.

I made sure that the stairs and rails were rough, I used a lot of sand papers to achieve that.. My body was so wet from sweat.

I had to put masking tapes on the areas where it shouldn’t be painted.

Then I started to paint at around 9 in the morning and was able to finish at 7 in the evening.. Imagine that! Haha.. It was soooo tiring, all my sweat glands functioned.. My face was literally wet, my body sweat was on the maximum level.

When my kids got home at night, I did not allow them to go upstairs.. So we were literally on the ground floor for almost two days. They were really bored.

When I removed the masking tapes, the disaster happened.. Haha.. Some of the paints were removed and there were a lot of overpainting. I was like, whaaattt?? This is what I’ve accomplished? After all the sweats and hard work!

Look closely…

I don’t have a choice but to ask a professional help.. I searched for a painter in our area and asked him to come to our house and fix the problem. Well, the roughness of the stairs and rails was not enough, there should be a tool to use. Something that I don’t have. This is the reason why the painting can be easily removed.

He suggested not to paint the stairs but to put a wood tiles instead… because I am very meticulous on painting. I don’t want to see any damage, even if it’s little.

His fee is quite expensive, however, I don’t have a choice.. painting is a skill and I obviously and now admittedly don’t have that skill. Haha.

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