Weekend with Kids

How was your weekend? Here in the Philippines, the weekend was rainy.. A lot of thunders here and there.. My kids were a little scared. I remembered that we bought costumes last year because my children were really bored because of total lockdown. For them not to be bored and scared, I asked them if they want to wear their costumes and sleep wearing it.

My eldest is Spider Girl and my youngest is Owlette (from PJ masks)

So fun to see them enjoying their costumes, playing pretend and doing some poses. At least they were able to forget the loud thunders.. My youngest slept with her Owlette costume but my eldest needed to remove hers as it is a little tight.

As a parent, we need to look for some ways for kids to enjoy being young. These are the memories that they will remember.

Our cats were also frightened by the thunders.. Pink (kitten) kept on hiding..

I love weekends because these are the days when I spend less time with the house chores. I may have some chores that I really needed to do, but I just do those that are really important.

Yesterday (Sunday), I had a nap beside my daughter in her playroom. She has a single mattress there. She also wanted me to be there, since the rain made the room colder, I fell asleep. My daughter hates to take naps.. I think goes to other toddlers too.

Took a photo of her before I took a nap

Last week was very tiring.. I had a very long nap. The weather is so tempting to just lie down and sleep. My daughters were just playing while I was sleeping.

Another thing that I would like to share with you is the activity that my daughters did last weekend. My daughters were active in a Christian church in Singapore. When we were there, they attended the Sunday school and Bible study. Last week Singapore limited the number of people who gather, so their Sunday school was once again through online.. My kids were invited again to join.

My eldest using my phone for her Bible study
My youngest while they were praying

Oh how I love the feeling of seeing my kids praising and knowing God! It is indeed a wonderful feeling knowing that there are seeds planted on my kids to become a better Christian. I always pray that they will be good people and have fear to the Lord. I was raised to be active in Church and the seed that was planted on me is so useful and nurturing..

Nowadays, since my children cannot go to church, I searched for materials for Bible study to teach my daughters. It is also fun because I am learning too.

In case you want to know the links where I am getting my Bible lessons for my kids, you may refer below..

  1. Ministry to Children

2. Sunday School Works

I love these two websites because my kids understand the lessons well. They are also having fun with the crafts after each Bible study.

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