Active Hats of a Stay at home mom

What are the active hats I have now? Stay at home moms do not just take care of their kids, they have a lot of hats to wear. Amongst the many, they have active hats that they usually wear during the day. I am a wife, a mom, home maker and a child.. Each hat has its own responsibility.

I always like to be on the move.. Maybe because I am used to it. As much as possible I wanted to be productive, which I think most of the moms do. There are still lots of hats that I need to wear sometimes but depending on when I need it… A sister, a friend, a relative.. etc..

Of course I need also to prioritize things and have some time for myself..

Yesterday afternoon, I was quite busy being with my mom for her vaccination. I was so happy to know that our government is really doing their best for the elders to be vaccinated. It was quite a long process because she needed to be checked, we consulted a doctor, then went to the vaccination center. She was there for almost an hour as there were talks and orientations.

My father’s vaccination is already done.. His second dose was done today.

My mom’s vaccination card.. This is her first dose.

I also signed up on the form online to be vaccinated.. just waiting for the schedule.

My eldest daughter also has some adjustments in terms of the changes on her body as she is now in puberty stage.. I am glad that I am here with my eldest to guide her on the proper way to handle these changes.

As I cut my hair short, my eldest would also want to have the same. She saw how convenient it is to have short hair.. So, we went to a salon for her new hair cut.

I pity the kids nowadays because they cannot really go out and play outside.. This is the reason why I also want to have some quality time with my kids. Yesterday, my kids and I watched a movie in Netflix, the Penguins of Madagascar. They always enjoy our time together, sitting down watching movies while eating chips.

My youngest daughter needs to have something to do always, she is really not fond of using the ipad. She just wants to listen to it while she is playing. Since I made her room cozy for her to play, she always stay in her room.. to make her feel happy, I provided her some foods to eat.

In this way, I could do a lot of chores at home as she is very comfortable playing in her room. She made herself occupied and while I was scrolling the pictures on the ipad, I saw some adventures she was doing.

She was trying to have a shot of herself flying.. Haha.. I think she used a timer when she did this shot. There are lots actually and some are really successful.

Whatever hats we wear at home or outside our house.. These are calling and privilege that God gave us. As long as we are doing our best to for this role, it is enough. Sometimes, it will frustrating to meet expectations however, God knows what you did.

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