Homeschool Year End

Yesterday, I decided to buy groceries today because my daughters’ cereals are about to be finished. I usually buy our foods every week. I wanted to finish early and so I went there before the store opened. The store is like 5 mins drive from our house (without traffic). My kids, since they are the ones left at home are very responsible on eating their breakfast by their own. My style of parenting is more of giving them responsibilities and teaching them to be independent.

Another task that I was not able to do yesterday is to fold the washed clothes. I wash our clothes once a week reason why I have loads to fold. My washing machine’s capacity is 14 kilos and I wanted to save electricity.

These are the amount of clothes I fold every week. Haha..

I am enjoying this task because I can watch a lot of tutorials and vlogs on youtube. My kids would not disturb me because they know that I am busy.

My children help me to put these clothes on their respective cabinets.

My children’s school has ended today. That was one heck of a ride.. Haha.. There a lot of learnings, roller coaster ride experiences this school year. My first time to homeschool was a success. I am still planning to continue next year.

So, I was also busy with the grades of my eldest daughter. I needed to submit the portfolio this week. A lot of scanning and checking of works were done today. This is something that I enjoyed a lot, it is very fulfilling.

Before I shifted my daughter from traditional school to homeschool, I did a lot of research. I was already doing the research when I was still in Singapore. I never thought that I will actually experience this.. It never crossed my mind that I will quit my job, then do homeschooling to my kids.

My eldest is enrolled to an international school who also offer homeschooling. The shifting was not hard. It was surprising how much we saved in terms of the tuition and miscellaneous fees.

The school gave us the curriculum (portfolio and year plans). As a facilitator, I was the one who planned the schedule and the pace of my daughter’s lessons, provided that it will cover the year plan. At first it was hard because at the beginning of the school year, I was also busy with the construction of our house. But on term 3, I was able to manage the time already.

Time management is the key for homeschooling. I usually do the lesson plan for the week on weekends. I teach my daughter in the afternoon because I need to teach my youngest first in the morning.

The term examinations for the core subjects (Mathematics, Science and English) are given by the school. The pointers are based on the year plan that was given on the beginning of the school year. That is why I needed to focus on these subjects for my daughter to have good results in her term exam. Thankfully, she was able to cope and I can feel that she learned a lot this school year.

I never regret choosing homeschooling. This is the best choice in this time of pandemic. I know that my daughter is really learning and it is by her own pace.

However, since after a year, she will be in secondary. My husband and I agreed for her to be in a traditional school if everything goes back to normal. There she could enjoy the company of other girls. We like her to know how to mingle with other people and to adapt on the classroom type school.

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