Home made Barbie House

There was an announcement by our Governor yesterday that all classes and government offices are suspended because of the typhoon. It hit the Philippines yesterday, it hit mostly the southern part and thankfully our province was not affected.

So I was planning three tasks today, firstly is to finish the “barbie house” that I started yesterday, secondly is to clean the house thoroughly (vacuum and mop) and thirdly, to fold all the clothes that I washed… Sounds easy breezy huh..

I started working at 9 in the morning.. haha.. just like in the office. My kids woke up a little early reason why I started late with my tasks. By the way the tasks do not include the usual things that I do at home like cooking, washing the dishes, bathing my youngest, etc…

I mentioned yesterday that I saw the old cartons that I kept in our storage area yesterday, since my daughter kept on asking us for a barbie house.. I thought of just making one using the cartons. I looked at the price of the barbie house online, and it costs 5000 pesos (more than $100). I know my daughter will just outgrow her interest on this.. Even if it will eat most of my time and I don’t know if it will work, I still did it.

The kitchen is what I finished yesterday.

This morning I made the living room in the ground floor first. The materials that I used here are the old construction papers, cartons of my youngest daughter’s milk, glue, paint..

I really did not use the ruler though.
Here is what it turned out..

While I was doing this, my daughter was painting the cartons, and so I used her paintings as the decorations on the walls of the living room and the bedroom.

I had a lot of pauses because I need to bath my daughter, then cook lunch and wash dishes. My daughter kept on asking me for the toilet. So I also made the toilet..

Though I feel I can do better, my daughter’s eyes are full of joy when she saw it. She was so happy seeing me doing this for her. Something that I might not see if we will just buy the barbie house. She kept on saying thank you and I love you to me when I told her that she could play with it already.

I rested a while, then proceed with my next task, and that is to clean the whole house. I usually clean the house thoroughly every other 3 days. I need to vacuum the house and mop it because of our cats. I think merely sweeping will not help eliminate the furs. It always takes me 2 to 3 hours to clean the entire house. My husband said, I should not be that meticulous on cleaning but I don’t see the point on cleaning if it would not be that really really clean. I will share with you in another post on what I am really doing why it takes me hours to clean the house.

Tasks 3 (folding the clothes) was skipped as I need to have some time also with my kids. I finished with all the things that I was doing at 9 in the evening. We usually cuddle at night and talk to my husband over the phone. My youngest daughter was so excited to tell my husband about the barbie house. My eldest daughter finished her computer lessons today, she usually help me babysit my youngest when I am busy with my tasks at home. In between the 3 days of not vacuuming, my eldest daughter is the one who clean the house.

It’s good to have some unusual tasks at home. It somehow widen our imaginations and explore our creativity.

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