Chill Rainy Wednesday

The sky was gloomy when I woke up this morning. I tried to sleep again but I remembered that I need to fix the clothes line that I bought few months ago online. It was very cheap and so it was easily broken. I needed to fix it because of the clothes that I washed yesterday, it should be hanged in our laundry area instead in the open area.

It took me sometime to do that, I was so pissed.. Haha.. Lesson learnt of not buying super cheap products online. I do my laundry every week and so imagine the number of clothes that I need to hang.

Anyways, I am so happy still because of the rain. My plants must be rejoicing because of the unlimited water pouring on them.. Haha. Rainy days just started. If my kids have school, it will be suspended for sure. I suppose there is a typhoon coming.

It’s good also that I was able to trim the grass few days ago. At least our garden wouldn’t look like a jungle after the rainy days.

3 month old grass.. before trimming
After I trimmed it.. I am not sure if there is any difference. Haha. I also took the unwanted stray plants.

This lunch, I prepared fish for my daughters. It is called Sisig Salmon. I usually cook fishes for my daughters, I just wanted to try a new recipe instead of just frying. I grilled the salmon that I marinated with salt and pepper. Shredded it. Sauteed a lot of onions, put few garlic, add seasonings, then done.. I put some onion leaves (fresh from our garden) to garnish. Quite simple but my kids loved it.

Photo not mine. But it should be like this.. I just did not put chili as my kids don’t like spicy foods.

When I fixed the laundry area, I saw the old cartons that I kept. I was thinking of making boxes as organizers of our documents. Instead I thought of making a barbie house. My youngest daughter was asking us if she could have a barbie house. I checked it online and saw that it is not cheap and she will just outgrow it, for sure.

I started to do the barbie house.. I have some plans in my head. I thought it would be easy and fast.. haha. I did not know that it will entail a lot of time.

The kitchen

I just finished the kitchen.. Haha. Don’t judge it. I also made table for two.. I was not able to take a photo it. I am planning to share with you the finish product in my next blog.

When my daughter saw it, she is so happy and thrilled. She wanted to play with it already. Simple things really make kids happy. Especially if they see that you really work for it.

So this is what I will finish tomorrow morning. I wanted to finish this barbie house project because I need to do the grades of my eldest daughter in her homeschool.

See you on my next blog.

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