Patience is a virtue

” I will wait patiently for the Lord; he inclined to me and heard my cry” Psalm 40:1

It’s 11 in the evening now here in the Philippines, I need to patiently wait for my youngest to sleep so that I could share with you my thoughts and what my heart wants to say. I decided that for this week, I will be expressing my thoughts more about some of my experiences and my views about certain things.

Today, I would want to share about patience.. why does it matter to be patient?

Patience is a virtue

I heard this saying, “Patience is a virtue” when I was young but I don’t know what it means. I believe each one of us has this trait of being patient. We are created to be patient. However, due to some circumstances, when our patience are stretched or put to a test, we are losing it. It is in our being, but because some parents don’t have it, children tend to follow or think that being impatient most of the time is normal.

I was raised to be patient. Patient in waiting and thinking that we will never be stuck on a certain condition. Studying tested my patience, it was a good training for me. Little did I know, that I could use this training when I am old. I got lots of experiences when my patience was tested. I sometimes lose it, but for some reasons, I felt that God allowed it. We just need to start again and keep this virtue in our hearts.

Coping Anxiety

I believe that one of the reasons why a person is having anxieties is because of being impatient. Sometimes, we don’t know how to wait, we tend to focus on things that we cannot control. We cannot accept that it is uncontrollable.

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Anxiety occurs when we are overthinking of the future.. when we tend to focus on tomorrow. The tomorrow that we are not certain of. Instead of drowning on thinking about the future, we need to be patient and focus on the NOW.

Easy to say, right? Patience is of the essence. We will be there on that path. Be patient.

I remembered June of last year, it was so hard for me not seeing my husband for a long time. There was a time when I cannot even talk to him because I was always crying. It was very difficult. However, I needed to control my emotions because I wanted my kids to see hope in my eyes.. I wanted them to see that I have faith.. that this too shall pass.

From then on, I focus on the every day that God has been giving me. The blessings that we have, the good health, security, love, happiness and peace.

Being patient is seeing the positive side of things. That life moves forward. That’s the reason why we cannot stop the time. Instead of chasing it.. it should be enjoyed.

Fast forward today, I never thought that I could overcome the loneliness that I had last year. I chose not to be imprisoned of that loneliness. By the help of God, I was able to move forward and wait…

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