Sunday Rest day

“Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it He rested from all the work of creating that he had done” Genesis 2:3

I just watched an instagram video from Isabelle Daza, she is a Filipina movie actress, influencer, motivational speaker, model.. She was discussing about glamorization of being busy. She was mentioning on her video how she made herself so occupied that there is no room for any idle moment. She said that even when she was breastfeeding her son, she was still searching or doing something productive on her phone. She felt worthless when she is not doing anything.

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I can relate to her video.. It was just recently that I asked myself to stop.. not to pause.. but to stop. I was once a working mom and so I was never dependent financially to my husband. Plus, I was always occupied that time. The transition of staying at home and being dependent to my husband was difficult. I tried to help my husband by selling stuffs online, while doing loads of work at home and taking care of the kids. I needed to be productive because I don’t want to waste anything that my husband was giving me. I also felt that if I am not busy, I am lazy and worthless.

Until, I felt exhausted and stressed. Something that my husband does not want me to experience again. That is the main reason why we are here in the Philippines, for me to rest my mind, focus on our kids. That is the reason why, I decided to stop. I decided to accept that I am a mother, and my children need me now. I decided to accept that the amount of work at home is enough, that I am helping my husband enormously by being an effective homemaker. These I realized, when I rested.

Being idle and bored is something that we need to embrace. This is the time when God speaks to us and gives us wisdom on what we should do. This is the time, when happy thoughts come and great ideas transpire.

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Sunday Rest Day

So I decided… nope.. I followed what God taught us to do during Sundays, and that is to rest. I usually don’t cook or clean the house on Sundays. I just spend the day with my kids or family.

My children usually have Sunday Bible lessons, they make some activities. I nap a lot, watch movies, have long drives, do meditations… I do something different than what I do the whole week. It is so refreshing and my energy is just boosting. I don’t feel exhausted during the weekdays.

It is during Sundays that I listen to God of what He wants to tell me. It is when I realized a lot of things, things that I should be grateful for.

A lot of our Sunday routines or traditions have changed because of this pandemic. Reason why, we sometimes cannot differentiate the days already. Or we don’t even know that it is already Sunday.

Being a Christian, we still need to stick to what is in the Bible, and that is to rest and be holy. With that we can know the difference of Sunday to any other day of the week.

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